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Aug 16, 2010 01:35 PM

Bachelorette Dinner in Vegas for nine ladies?

Hi, I would love a recommendation for group dining in Vegas- the group is nine ladies there for a bachelorette party. We would like something upscale, for around $50 for dinner with casual dress- nice ambiance, great drinks and perhaps French menu or French "inspired". We definitely want a fun atmosphere, but not a club scene.

I was thinking Mix at The Hotel, but my only experience there was for my husband and me on the balcony so I'm not sure if the restaurant is good for groups or not. Probably not according to I would love to try Cut, as we love the LA location, but that's out of our price range.

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  1. My favorite spot for group dining is at Social House. Although it is not "French Themed", it is Pan-Asian with outstanding decor. This is located in Crystals of the new City Center.

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      1. I would look into Sage in Aria.

        1. Not at all French or French inspired, but I'd look at Julian Serrano - the sharing of plates would be a fun atmosphere, and a few pitchers of sangria would get you ready for the rest of the evening.