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Aug 16, 2010 01:06 PM

Apple-type Signature Drink or Punch!!

We're having an Oktoberfest party next month, and I would like to have an apple related signature drink or punch that I can make ahead. (Earlier the same day) (I would just make the base, and add the soda or mixer if any later on) We're having appr. 50 people, and would like to offer an alternative to beer and other cocktails.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. There's a reason you don't see apple as a frequent flavor in cocktails: The only sources for apple flavor are apple juice (which doesn't really taste like apples), and Apple Pucker (which tastes like candy). I have seen Berentzen apple liqueur, but it just tastes like apple juice. I've had a fabulous cocktail by libation goddess Audrey Saunders, An Apple A Day, but I think its light, bright flavor is more apropos for summertime quaffing than pairing with heavy German food.

    As much as I absolutely adore cocktails, I have to say I think you're best off if you skip the cocktail on this party; just offer beer and bottled water. Anything else would be like serving wine at a Cinco de Mayo party in addition to the Mexican beer and margaritas. I know you want to be a good hostess and have anything a guest could want, but people will be happiest with beer at an Oktoberfest party. You'll be quite authentic this way, too. At Oktoberfest in Munich, beer is by far the most popular drink. They serve over five times as much beer as every other available beverage combined.

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      What about Laird's Straight Apple Brandy? I think it could work as a base spirit for that party (although I agree that beer is probably the best way to go).

      You could do the Applejack cocktail which is a 1:1 ratio of good apple brandy or calvados to Italian vermouth + a dash of Angostura. If you are premixing this, be sure to determine your final volume. Then add 25% of that volume of bottled water to simulate what would normally dilute in a mixing glass.

      A 750 mL bottle each of the apple brandy and Italian vermouth should add up to just under 17 drinks. Add the bitters, add the bottled water, chill overnight. You're ready to go.

      1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        We will be tapping a keg of Oktoberfest beer, as well as having several different types of German & Belgian beers to offer our guests. I personally DO like beer, as do some, but not all of the other female guests. We will also have plenty of water and soda and various juices as mixers & for our guests that are children.

        I don't particularly like any of the "puckers" as I feel that they are too sweet or tart.
        I have been to Munich myself on more than one occasion, one being my honeymoon.

        I will also have lemonade if anyone would like a Radler, Russ'n, or an Alsterwasser, but you can only have, or stand so much beer and lemonade

        Even though this party/BBQ is is in my backyard, we will still be serving up a variety of wursts, spaetzle, German potato salad, landjaeger, etc........ but our guests do take into account that it isn't The HofbrÀuhaus.

        I did see, possibly on this website several drinks made with apple cider, so maybe I will use one of those.

      2. Don't forget that you can sub sparkling wine or soda water in most punches for sparkling cider. Look for the dry stuff made in Normandy, France, or some cideries domestically make them (like Farnum Hills in NH).

        1. It'd be very young (as in it'd have been a lot better if you started it a while ago) but homemade apfelwein is extremely easy - as in it takes me about 10-20 mins to get a batch in the fermenter as opposed to the hours I spend for a batch of beer: