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Sour cream and mustard under the leeks in this tomato tart- really Martha?

I love making tomato tarts and I'm Interested but hesitate to try out this Tomato and goat cheese tart recipe in this month's everyday food. Anybody tried it or worked with a recipe that called for a similar preparation?

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  1. i haven't seen it, but make tomato tarte tatin and that includes goat cheese and mustard. it rocks.

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          excellent! I will proceed now with little trepidation- thanks to you both

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            A southern version has mayo on the bottom i/o sour cream. And it's delicious!

        2. I think I've seen tomato tart recipes with a layer of mustard to help keep the tomato juices from making the crust soggy. Not sure if the sour cream would help do that too.

          Does that make sense?

          1. I make a tomato tart with a little dijon mustard between the tomatoes and the crust. It's delicious!

            1. I recently made a tomato tart from this Washington Post recipe. It's a great way to showcase the season!

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                Do you have a link to the recipe? Would love to see it.

              2. It was delicious!!! I drained the tomatoes for about an hour to cut down on the extra juices- this was not in this receipe but has been step in every other tomato tart I've made- I can't imagine that the mustard and sourcream would have been any match for the juices if undrained. Leeks were under the tomatoes and that was a great change from more traditional carmalized onions. Why did I ever doubt Martha:)

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                  The juices are the big challenge, it seems to me. I had looked at a lot of recipes last year, and made one that was a combination of a couple recipes. I roasted the tomatoes to cut down (but not eliminate juices), had a layer of cheese to help insulate the crust from juice. But the big trick was to make an upside down kind of tarte-tatin thing. So you bake it with the tomatoes and cheese and basil, etc. on the bottom, crust on the top, and then invert it right before serving. I thought it was ingenious. I still had juices but not enough to make things soggy.