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Aug 27, 2005 12:06 PM

Pickle Bills

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Does anybody remember a place called Pickle Bills on Pico Blvd. around 30th? in santa monica. Probably closed in the early 70's, the best hot beef sandwich mashed potatoes and gravy around. Sawdust on the floor, was around since it served to world war 2 workers at Douglas Aircraft just south on Ocean Park Blvd. What happened to the family and where can one get similarly wonderful hot beef sandwiches?

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  1. Hi Ike. The local boards, like Los Angeles, are for the discussion of where to find great food or perhaps where to miss bad food. Unfortunately we are not set up to talk about places that have passed from the scene or to find out where the folks who ran those places might have gotten too, (unless someone knows that they are currently operating another restaurant in the greater Los Angeles/OC/Ventura area possibly).

    Please concentrate on Ike's central food question, where to get great hot beef sandwiches only.

    Thanks for everyone's cooperation.

    1. There has been quite a bit of discussion over the years about Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches, if that is the style you are looking for. I know there was a place that recently opened in OC that came out of Chicago, but can't think of the name right now. (I'm sure someone else will chime in with it). I have had the same type of sandwich at QT's in the San Fernando Valley (see location information below) and thought they were pretty tasty.

      QT Chicago Dogs
      8650 Reseda Blvd
      Northridge CA 91324
      818 993-1999

      1. The closest thing to the long lamented Pickle Bills is the original -- Philippe's -- wonderful French dip, in downtown LA -- near Olivera Street and the train station. The other downtown place I've been taken to when home that is reminiscent of this class of beef bin is The Pantry.

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          There's another place like Phiippe's- It's called Cole's on 8th street in downtown L.A. They claimed to make the first French dip. They're both good.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. >>>"where can one get similarly wonderful hot beef sandwiches?"

            Check out "The Hat".