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Aug 16, 2010 11:31 AM

Best Lobsters and Noodles in Toronto?

Hi, Board newbie here. I have searched the boards for this question, but given the frequency with which restaurants open/close/go downhill, I thought that I could safely ask again! A friend from London (who has frequently travelled to HK and China to visit relatives) asked me to find the best place in Toronto for Lobster and noodles.
I live downtown and don't drive, so was focusing my trip more on Downtown (or anywhere within 10 minutes walk of a subway station!)
-Hua Sang at 41 Baldwin got some really great reviews... and some really bad reviews. Has anyone been there in the last 6 months?
-Any other suggestions??
Thanks very much!

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  1. A bit late for my reply, but I've read on Blog TO that the Lobster E-Fu Noodle at Congee Wong is supposed to be amazing. Blog TO poster didn't specify if it was the noodles with chili sauce (E1) or Ginger and Green Onion (E2) - just looking at the take-out menu right now...

    Was just at the Promenade Mall yesterday where there's a Congee Wong but didn't have time to stop so I still can't vouch. The pic on the menu looks insanely delicious (I know... pictures are deceiving). If anyone else has tried them, I'd love some feedback also, or any other joints with great lobster noodles.

    Had the lobster at Hua Sang and I'm still in shock... VERY tasty ginger/green onion sauce, but they used some kind of utility lobster - I swear it was like the equivalent of one of those turkeys with missing limbs... I didn't have ONE SINGLE good piece of lobster meat. Should have got a discount for all the work we did trying to even find a small morsel of lobster meat.

    p.s. Wasn't sure if original poster here meant lobster noodle or lobster AND noodles as separate dishes...

    Hua Sang
    41 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T1L1, CA

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      I think that either one would have been OK.. I wasn't really sure which he wanted! We ended up somewhere else on Baldwin.. I can't remember the exact name of the restaurant; itwas in a lower level. It seemed good to me, but I'd be the first to admit I do not have the most refined palette! But good know about Congee Wong.. I'll have to see if a friend with a car feels like going sometime!

    2. Fisherman Club on Steeles E/ east of Midland. Have very nice lobster dishes.

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        Is Lobster and Noodles a single dish? Maybe I'm just ignorant... :P but have never had a noodle dish with lobster in it.

        My favourite lobster place is "The Lobster Trap" on Avenue, just south of 401. You can choose a lobster by weight, and they do just a great job of broiling it (while basting on some butter + breadcrumbs). Really delicious. I tried this for the first time when the groupon was available, and have been back twice since.

        Maybe not what your friend was looking for... but thought I'd throw it out there!

        Lobster Trap
        1962 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M4A1, CA

        1. re: tylerchris

          Yes, lobster noodles can be a single dish. See my earlier entry re: Congee Wong... I went to their website and they only show two locations, but I know there are others... not sure what that's about.

          1. re: Moimoi

            i can think of 4 congee wongs off the top of my head (first markham, promenade, finch/leslie and peachtree)

            i'd probably rate them in that order too. the lobster e-fu noodle is pretty good as long as your lobster expectations are low. good noodles, good sauce, lobster is tiny and not a lot of meat but for the price it's decent. just throw some chili oil on there and it gets even better.

            1. re: bryanayrb

              I've found that most any Chinese resto in Toronto that starts with the word "Congee" in its name - Congee Wong, Congee Queen and such - have almost identical menus, and are probably under the same ownership. Congee Queen on Lawrence Ave. E. at the Donway, for example, also lists E1 as Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion with E-Fu Noodle ($18.50). E2 is Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion Chow Mein ($17.50). I've never tried either because Congee Queen, with a mainly price-conscious clientele, always seems to do better on less expensive dishes.

              Congee Queen
              895 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M3C3L2, CA