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Aug 16, 2010 10:17 AM

Dinner Recommendations for Near Marble Arch (London)

We are a group of 3 married couples in our 50's who will be staying near Marble Arch for 3 nights in early September. We will likely return to the hotel after a day sightseeing and may not have a lot energy to venture very far for dinner that eveing. We're interested in a variety of cuisines and not too expensive. The Union Cafe on Marylebone Lane seemed like it might fit our requirements. Any thoughts on it and any suggestions for other places to consider? I was thinking of places within a 1/2 mile walk or 15 minute underground ride.

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  1. If it was me, I'd be eating at one of the Maroush restaurants on Edgware Road (probably Maroush 3, on the corner with Wigmore Street)

    1. Relais de Venise - an outpost of the excellent Parisian steak frite chain -- high quality beef, impeccable frites, a rich sauce: mustard, cream, herbs. Paired perfectly with a straightforward and balanced '02 Bordeaux Superieur from their short wine list. Outstanding profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate sauce as well. Just over £30/person for the above.

      The Golden Hind has pretty good fish and chips, and recently expanded space-wise.

      If you are on the early side (before 7pm), I believe Cocorino would still be open -- pleasant Italian sandwiches, antipasti, pasti. Nice gelati.

      Homey Shanghainese at Red Sun. Calling ahead, reserving and having them cook up meal for a fixed price is probably the way to squeeze out the best possible meal from this place.

      Original Tagines, also in Marylebone, is another excellent place to go -- Moroccan.

      1. Hunter 486 isn't bad, and they do a reasonably priced 2/3 course menu before 7pm,
        A Maroush is a must in my opinion, lots of small dishes perfect for sharing.
        You might also consider Texture, about 3-4 minutes walk from Marble Arch - having recently gained a Michelin Star, I think it offers fantastic value for money and a glimpse into Icelandic cuisine.

        1. One of our Directors has been to, and enjoys, 2 Veneti. Here is the address:
          8-10 Wigmore Street
          London W1U 2RD
          020 7637 0789
          Happy trip!

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            Btw, this is Italian cooking, as the name suggests. They try to bring to London some Ventian flair. The cooking is straightforward, with good ingredients. It is not the cheapest but the location could be ideal for you -- close to Wigmore Hall, behind Oxford Street and between Marble Arch and Bond Street tube stations.

          2. You don't say what your budget is, but if you don't mind shelling out a little, I love Locanda Locatelli - great italian pretty close to Marble Arch - a short walk.

            Or Providores on Marylebone High Street is great - small plates, a little bit different. Probably just a tiny bit more than half a mile walk (in fact google maps tells me its 0.6 miles from marble arch, so depends on where your hotel is I suppose! The Tapa room downstairs is cheaper but can get noisy, the restaurant upstairs is calmer but wtih a great atmosphere. Kiwi chef that really knows his stuff.

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              Yes, I guess I didn't specify a budget. I live in the Washington, DC area and am used to spending $80-$120 for a nice dinner and a moderately priced bottled of wine for my wife and I. At current exchange rates, so £50-£80? Less is fine too!

              1. re: KeithVa

                In that case, upstairs at Providores and Locanda Locatelli will both be out, but worth considering if you want a special meal!

                Galvin Bistrot de Luxe might squeak into that range
                They also do a prix fixe for early dining or lunchtime which is worth bearing in mind

                Relais d'venise has mixed reviews - I haven't been, although I have been to the original in Paris - but might be worth looking at if you all like steak
                £20 a head for a salad and steak-frites - there's no menu other than wine and dessert, so it's a bit of a novelty!