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Aug 16, 2010 09:52 AM

Sonora Hotdog

Where can I find one in the Washington DC ares?

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  1. The best hot dog I ever ate was in Guadalajara, Jalisco back in 1980, and it seems to have been similar to the "Sonora" hot dog. i did have some wonderful pollo asado in Benjamin Hill, which I believe is located in the estado de Sonora.

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    1. re: elgringoviejo

      I was almost stranded in Benjamin Hill as a child when the train I should have been on left. At least I could have gotten good pollo asado.

    2. Is Sonora a brand name, or a style? What's it like? Maybe it has another name this far from Sonora.

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      1. re: MikeR

        It's a hot dog grilled with bacon wrapped around it, in a sweet bun, topped with pinto beans, diced tomato, onion, jalapeno sauce, and mayonnaise. Sounds awful; tastes great. I'm not aware of any D.C. area places that serve it. We first tasted one at El Guero Canelo in Tucson, AZ.

        1. re: kolomya

          There are many dishes to be found elsewhere in the world that are not available in DC. Sounds interesting and with readily available ingredients that you can make yourself at home.

          1. re: kolomya

            Except for the mayo, it doesn't sound bad. I wonder if Windy City Red Hots could fix you up with one. I think they have all those ingredients as part of various style dogs. Maybe they'd be interested in adding it to their list.


            1. re: kolomya

              Guadalajara-style is a little different, no beans and the roll was not sweet, believe that it had salsa roja and cheese, but it was excellent, very much the equal of the Chicago "dragged through the garden" and Texas-style chili dogs. All three are great, actually.