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Aug 16, 2010 09:50 AM

Cupcakes - ISO Dutchess County

Hi all,

I am always in search for a fantastic cupcake - I live in Dutchess County. The best one I ever had (so far - including from famous bakeries in NYC) has been the cupcakes now served at Adams's Cafe - in Adam's Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie. They are amazing, big and only $1.95! I am trying to figure out where they get them from - I was told that they get them locally but the woman did not divulge where........they get them frozen. They are so delicious - taste like homemade and the frosting is fantastic - not like the fake bakery taste some of the locally bakeries have. They do not have them every day - it is always a great treat when I go and they have them. Also, I know they do not come from the Pastry Garden next door - I have had their cupcakes and they do not hold a candle to these.........

Anyone in the area have them? Anyone know where they came from? Anyone know of any other must have cupcakes to try?


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  1. Hi Jenn.
    I'm intrigued by your post! I go to the Adam's Fairacre Farms in Lake Katrine, but I have never noticed or tried one of their cupcakes. If I see cupcakes like the one you described, I will investigate for you. Also, have you tried asking the folks who organize the Gardiner Cupcake Festival? I went to the festival in May to cover it for my blog. It was a great time! So many extreme cupcakes everywhere! Good luck on your cupcake quest!

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      Hi, I did solve my Adams cupcake mystery from last year - they were actually sold in Adams Cafe so that is probably why you did not see them in Lake Katrine. I found out that they get them from the Boar's Head truck - whoever has the route must sell them. They come to them frozen and they put them out - a very large cupcake for $1.95 - I have had a few that were dry though so my excitement about them is now pretty much over. After the Gardiner Cupcake Festival this year (which I cannot believe I had not heard of until this year!), I discovered Moxie cupcakes - I fell in love and all my loyalty goes to them now - after sampling so many in NYC nothing holds a candle to Moxie. I am excited to try the ones at Twisted Soul though - thanks for the tip Applesauce23!

      Moxie just opened a cupcake shop on Main Street in the Medusa Building in New Paltz - I encourage everyone to go try them - you will not believe it!

    2. I really like Moxie Cupcakes, sold at The Krafted Cup in Poughkeepsie. Twisted Soul also has amazing dulce de leche cupcakes, but you should call ahead to find out if they have them. They rotate their desserts.

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