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Aug 16, 2010 09:46 AM

Tippling in Paris?

Nope, this isn't about leaving change in the tray. I'd like to know where I should buy some local (French) hooch of some brown variety - I'm thinking something along the lines of Armagnac but also willing to go more obscure.... I know the sky is the limit with this stuff so I'm more interested in a market (perhaps) that's selling some batch stuff made by a small-time producer than something Haut that Napoleon once enjoyed. A knowledgeable store will also suffice. And alas, it has to be open in August... Even better if it is around the NE part of Paris - I'm near Nation now...

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  1. "Even better if it is around the NE part of Paris - I'm near Nation now..."

    A little confusing since Nation is definitely not NE...however, you might check out your local Repaire de Bacchus shop. Specializing in wine, these shops also stock "brown" stuff. We particularly like their line of "Natural Color" spirits. The Brown label calvados is excellent, at least to our palate. They offer tastings if you are serious. (Napoleon should have been so lucky!)

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      Thanks Mangeur - should've just meant north of the river on the east side of the city...

    2. Caves Augé on boulevard Haussmann right off the Malesherbes-Saint-Augustin intersection has the most incredible armagnac collection. Plus more rows of high-end booze of all sorts than you can shake a stick at.
      It is not located East of the vertical axis but hey, Paris was shaped into a circle so that people could move across it.

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        In my experience Caves Michel Renaud, 12 place de la Nation, are good. Used to live in this area and this shop had decent wines bottled under their own lable, particularly their Cotes de Gasgogne and the house Champagne. They also had a house Vielle prune (plum brandy), and lots of Armagnacs.

        You're going to find Cognacs, Armagnacs, Calvados, Marcs, and eaux de vies in most half decent wine shops, and even supermarkets. With many of these, you can find a bottle from about ten euros...but you get the taste, and the headache you pay for.

        If you're in Paris, why not go for the stuff you can't get at home, or at least not without breaking the bank like the above mentioned Prune, a good Calvados, or fruit eaux de vie from the Lorraine (Mirabelle, Pear, Raspberry..) which are clear, and not brown.

      2. Caves de Bossetti, 34 rue Archives has a fab selection of all Chartreuse, unusual wines and a decent armagnac and calvados selection. Right across from BHV near Hotel d'Ville

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            My neighbor "Le Comptoir des abbayes" (4,6 rue Fléchier 75009) sells chartreuse and a lot of other monastery goodies.
            Those monks, when they are not praying, think about food as much as we do. Or even more, since they grow a lot of othe stuff…

            Re chartreuse, can someone confirm this piece of gossip?
            I heard that the chief honcho and vice-chief honcho of Grande Chartreuse that produces chartreuse are not allowed to ride in the same car, since they are the only two persons on earth who have in their possession the recipe of chartreuse…

          2. "Ryst Dupeyron" at 79 rue du Bac is worth checking out. It is famed for its old Armanacs, some going back to the 19th century - and they do tastings although probably not the old stuff. I used to buy bottles from peoples birth years as interesting birthday presents. Only a short trip from Nation.

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              Yes! Good call. Pleasant shop people, also

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                Thanks all. Went to Caves Michel Renaud and got some plum brandy. Almost went overboard and bought much more - the mirabelle eau de vie looked great too.