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Aug 16, 2010 09:38 AM

Sampan - anyone been?

I went to Sampan's Graffiti Bar after a great dinner at Zavino. I enjoyed the quiet outdoor bar. I checked out the menu and saw some dishes going by, and everything looked and sounded good. I was wondering if anyone has eaten there. Thanks!

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    1. I have not had dinner there, but had great lunch and love the apps at Grafitti Bar-- especially the halibut cheeks and the corn satay.

      1. They have PBR at market price. It really says that on their beer list. I found that intensely hilarious.

        1. I was there last Monday with three friends and had a great meal. The satays were fabulous--we had the lamb chops, scallops, chicken and beef. We also had the rabbit dumplings, the tuna w/crackers, shaved asaparagus, brussel sprouts, fried rice and lo mein. We prefered the smaller plates to the lo mein and shrimp but all of it was delicious. And the service was just right too. I highly recommend it!