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Experiences using "Restaurant.com" in the DC Metro Area?

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What are your experiences using the "Restaurant.com" online service?

Positive? Negative? Indifferent?


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  1. I've bought two - haven't used either yet. I'm interested in the answer to this question as well.

    1. Have used coupons several times over the past 3 or so years with no problems.

      1. They work fine. No problems or issues.

        1. I have a few that I used frequent flier points on - the account was otherwise closing. I tried to use one on Valentine's Day - we stopped by a place without a reservation for a snack - and they wouldn't take it on a holiday. Haven't tried to use the other coupons since. Don't know if I just wasn't thinking at the time, but none of them are really for places I want to eat at, and I think they're only good for food - no drinks.

          1. Have had no problems, just follow the terms on the paper and it seems to be always accepted.

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              I'd suggest you simply be careful with the web site as they had a vendor that was doing "follow-on" marketing that once it had your credit card information it unknowingly enrolled you in a monthly "club" and charged you $14.95 or something thereabouts. A congressional inquiry and lawsuit followed. Now I may be speaking unfairly about the restaurant.com site itself versus the vendor they employed....but I'm just sayin.

            2. In general I have used restaurant.com coupons often.

              In DC the choice of restaurants are limited to a small arryay of new or not great restaurants.

              In Virginia and Maryland there are better restaurants in my experience that participate, but as long as you use it following the restriction on the coupon (each one has different restrictions) you should have no problem with them.

              1. i found cowboy cafe on there -- i think that's a good deal in arlington, va. http://www.restaurant.com/rdc_site2.n...&

                wish there was a better filter, like by cuisine.