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Aug 16, 2010 09:26 AM

Experiences using "" in the DC Metro Area?

What are your experiences using the "" online service?

Positive? Negative? Indifferent?


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  1. I've bought two - haven't used either yet. I'm interested in the answer to this question as well.

    1. Have used coupons several times over the past 3 or so years with no problems.

      1. They work fine. No problems or issues.

        1. I have a few that I used frequent flier points on - the account was otherwise closing. I tried to use one on Valentine's Day - we stopped by a place without a reservation for a snack - and they wouldn't take it on a holiday. Haven't tried to use the other coupons since. Don't know if I just wasn't thinking at the time, but none of them are really for places I want to eat at, and I think they're only good for food - no drinks.

          1. Have had no problems, just follow the terms on the paper and it seems to be always accepted.

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              I'd suggest you simply be careful with the web site as they had a vendor that was doing "follow-on" marketing that once it had your credit card information it unknowingly enrolled you in a monthly "club" and charged you $14.95 or something thereabouts. A congressional inquiry and lawsuit followed. Now I may be speaking unfairly about the site itself versus the vendor they employed....but I'm just sayin.