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Aug 16, 2010 09:11 AM

Need Eugene rec, only here today!

Hi gang, I just blew into town for one day & have a lunch date in 2 hrs.
Taking my hosts to dinner tonight. They go to chains.
Meeting a biz associate for lunch who says her fav place is Cafe Yumm.
So unless I come up with some really fast that's where we're going.

I live in New Orleans. I've been to Eugene a few times, but it's probably
been 10 yrs. I remember Cafe Zenon & Cafe Central & am confusing the two.
One was on the corner & had a large, eclectic American menu.
I preferred this place, it was good & there was something for everyone.
But which one was it? Any other recs? I could use a few, I'm a meat eater
who's been deprived for a week at a veg camp. My travel mate is pescatarian &
likes blander food & my hosts like chains & live in Eugene.
She said she'd be hard pressed to fufill my request of a local non chain place that serves
local food!!

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Thanks! I'll check out their website.
      Please, any other comments or advice is greatly appreciated!
      Luv to the hounds...

    2. Other choices might be,
      Belly, at 291 E 5th Ave., (they do have a website)
      Beppe & Gianni's Trattoria, (though less "local")

      291 E 5th Ave, Eugene, OR

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      1. re: oregoncook

        If it 's not too late, we love the restaurant at King Estate Winery. The food is amazing and the views of the vineyards are beautiful from their outdoor patio. You could wine taste here also and the scenery is very pretty! Let us know where you end up! :)