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Aug 16, 2010 08:21 AM

Live King Crab - Little Saigon: When, Where, How Much?

My birthday is in November and I really want live king crab for my dinner. Is that the right time of year? I had heard cold months are when the restaurants have live crab.
I'm close to Little Saigon. Any recommendations? I've heard of places in Irvine but that crab runs around $30/lb and that the crabs are 5-7 pounds.
Does that sound right? Which is better? Little Saigon or Irvine?
Any help appreciated!

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  1. I live in NYC, so I can't help that much, but I have seen live king crab mainly in the spring, April and May. Crabs do run about 5-7 lbs, and the last time I saw them for sale they were $21.99/lb...(Centre. st market in Chinatown).

    1. I looked it up, there are over 2 dozen "Little Saigons" in the U.S. Any city with a half-way large population of Vietnamese people has an area with that designation. I'm not sure you can get "live" king crab outside of Alaska and Canada during the crab season.

      1. thanks guys, i posted on the wrong board....this was meant to go on Los Angeles