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Aug 16, 2010 08:08 AM

Hecho en Mexico in Verdun - Heavenly authentic food - Casual dining

Hecho en Mexico (514) 439-3868 located at 4816 Wellington in Verdun (close to 4th Avenue) is a tiny hidden gem. It is very small, only about 16 tables indoors and the same in the terrace in back where they grow their own herbs. This place features truly superb authentic Mexican cuisine at incredible prices. Charming if small staff (2 wait staff). There is no menu, but a huge board with specials that are changed almost daily. Great drinks both fruity & alcoholic at insanely great prices. This a brand new establishment & there might be a kink or 2 to work out but on the whole - fabulous. If you think the service is a little slow, remember that it's very new and very small. Believe me, it's worth the wait though we have been there a number of times and have always been served promptly. Great homemade food like this takes time to prepare. That's what appetizers and cocktails are for! Already booked my birthday party here!

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  1. I love this place too, although after multiple visits the little quirks are starting to get a bit annoying. They have been open for a number of months now and I do think they should have worked out the kinks by now. But the food, mostly, is absolutely delicious!

    (I reviewed it in the Restaurant Openings 2010 thread if you are interested!)

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      Totally agree...needs some fixin...but food was very good...cheers

    2. We went to the restaurant based on the recomendation of a friend and I have to say I was very dissapointed. The service was extremely slow. Which I could always overlook if the food was delicious. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I tried a lamb dish based on the recommendation of the waitress. Bad idea. The lamp was extremely greasy, dripping in fat mixed with oil. The lamp dish was served with tortilla bread. But nothing else. This made for a very bland dish. I had to keep dipping it in the salsa sauce that was provided as part of the appetizer to get some flavour. I only managed to handle few bites, before giving up. My girlfriend had ordered a chicken dish. Though it looked appetizing in presentation, the chicken was very dry and not too spectacular.

      Overall, we were quite disapointed with our visit and would not recommend it to others. It's too bad because the restaurant does have a nice decour and visually looks charming. But the food and service was so bad it's very hard to justify returning to the restaurant.

      1. This place is NO good.

        Service was very long. We order a civeche and a cactus salad before our main course and it took a long time to get those as well, it's not like the civeche is made right there on the spot... its already ready since it got to marinate overnight... civeche was ok but i had better. cactus salad was good to ok. the salsa was excellent but the tortilla chips were no good at all, very basic cheap ones. Main dishe we had some chicken in a long roll, it was very very dry dishe. i had something that look like pancake with black bean 'sauce' or refry not sure, it was good but overall not impressive and we eat better in other places for half the price.

        i had friends that went as well on different occasion and some will never return, 1 did return.

        too bad i love mexican food and would a love to have a real good place in my town.

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          I agree too that it is not worth going to. I went with my husband and we had tacos al pastor and enchiladas. The tacos were ok, a little dry, but the enchiladas were drowning in cheese and had very little red sauce. Neither dish came with side dishes, which makes for a blah dinner. I find it very pricey for what you get - $15 for tacos and $10 for enchiladas. Limon in Little Burgundy is a much better option. You will still eat authentic Mexican food, be served faster and get better bang for buck.

        2. Just returned from eating at this wonderful little restaurant this evening. We started with an entree of Guacamole. The Avocado, tomato, onion, lime juice and lime zest, all set into a beautiful stone bowl which was brought to the table and we mixed the ingredients together. Couldn't have been fresher. Excellent. I experienced my first Haute Cuisine Mexican. I tried the large Chile Pepper stuffed with verde confit set amidst a creamy goat cheese sauce heightened with shredded cilantro and accented with Pomagranite seeds. Very rich and very, very good. My wife ordered the Enchilada. While she found her meal a little dry, light on the cheese and devoid of sauce, the ingredients were, again, super fresh. Both dishes were off-the-charts for presentation. The Margaritas were a touch too limy for our taste but overall quite good. The second Margarita was much better than the first. The restaurant is small, kitsche (very Mexican and I like that) and the service is, admittedly, a bit slow. Just the two of them on a very busy evening. All tables were occupied and those that emptied while we were there were reoccupied quickly. I'm happy to give this place my business. It's great to see something of this quality in Verdun. Well done! I'll be back.

          For those that compare this to Limon near Atwater: This restaurant is completely different in style. Much more traditional cuisine and still superbly done. Even though I enjoy Limon, I've had very uneven experiences there as well. When it's on, it's very good. When it's not, it's very expensive for a "meh" experience.

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            ^ If anyone compares anything to Limon... run away!

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              Ya wouldn't go to Limon. Rip off Mexican food. There's way better..

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                What do you suggest for good Mexican restaurant in MTL ?

                Cant find a real good one.

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                  My Mexican friends like Le Coin du Mexique 2489 Jean-Talon E

                  I like Hecho en Mexico, though it does have its problems. I noticed a new sign advertising $6.99 specials on Tuesday and Wednesdays - if it is the same quality and quantity as on other days, that would be a bargain!

                  1. re: unlaced

                    I second Le Coin du Mexique - awesome, authentic, delicious, friendly, inexpensive, seal of approval from my Mexican-born friend. It's a little off the beaten path but there is lots of street parking and it's right near the metro (Iberville).

                    Also love Amaranto on Monkland between Royal and Hampton in NDG, tucked away down a few stairs in the same block as Gryphon d'or. Homey, homemade, delicious, friendly small menu, daily specials.

                  2. re: verdun

                    My 3 go to places are itacate, la matraca and el sombrero. Need to try le coin du mexique this week to compare.

                    1. re: jay_81k

                      I also like Itacate but it isn't quite as good as Coin du Mexique or Amaranto, IMO.

              2. Cafe Cantina - 1880 Centre St. in Pointe St Charles. A-mazing beef burritos and chicken dishes.

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                  Agree about Cafe Cantina - just tried it last night, more Califorinia style/ Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican I think, but so good. Great prices, lots of salads and vegetarian options, wonderful service. Owner is from France but spent years in California so I guess that explains his style of cooking. Would definitely go back.