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Aug 16, 2010 06:07 AM

Kosher Food (Maybe Not Quite Chow) In Port Authority

So it turns out the new Carvel/Cinnibon in Port Authority, right near the Bergan County buses, is under KOA.

That's going to drum some business up.

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  1. really??? i am going to check it out today during lunch. i work literally a BLOCK from port authority and am always looking for something new and fun to eat as a snack (even if its totally unhealthy!). amazing!

    1. How about the Cinnabon that shares the space with Carvel?

      1. This is surprising, since I thought that Carvel has an exclusive contract for supervision with the Kof-K. I had spoken with the manager about it and he told me he was working on Kof-K for both Carvel and Cinnabon (like the one in Hackensack). Seems that despite it being under construction for 6 months, they did not do their homework -- he told me that he had no idea that there would be demand for kosher! Will check it out on the way home today.

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          Not that I know anything, but it could be that KOA supervises the one local store, but that Kof-K supervises the Carvel mixes, etc. that go into the store.

          1. re: mrogovin

            Follow Up: KOA supervises the entire store. First time I have seen a Carvel with other than Kof_K.

            On a food note, I stopped by this morning and saw that, thanks to local law, they post calories. A cinnamon bun is 800 calories, or just under 1/2 my total recommended caloric intake for the day with little or no nutritional value at all. I walked away.

                  1. re: mrogovin

                    personally, its all about the flying saucers. i know there is not one nutrional ingredient in there, but its definitely less than 800 cal and it brings me way back to my youth! i agreea bout cinnabon. if i am going to waste those calories, i'd stop at kosher DD and get a muffin.

                    1. re: tarsky

                      the muffins at Stop & Shop Teaneck are better. DD's have too much sugar for my taste. Ice cream, especially this time of year, wins out over cin buns, but Carvel, good as it is, is not my favorite (I actually like Edy's, which is right next door).

                      1. re: mrogovin

                        I disagree . I tried a cinna bun bite last week. They are unbelievably delicicious,better than Entenmanns cinammon buns. Carvel is my personal favorite .

                        1. re: momrn

                          I did not comment on the taste of cinnabon, only its outrageous calorie count. Entenmanns are truly low end (but they have the advantage of staying fresh for months or years with all the preservatives).

                          I was comparing Dunkin Donut muffins to Stop and Shop muffins. Carvel soft serve frozen custard is a very different product from Edys or the so-called super-premium ice creams (B&J, Haagen Daz, etc); I suppose it is just a matter of preference. A single cup of Edys was $3 and under 200 cal vs. Carvel (which gives you more product) was about twice the cost and calories.

                          1. re: mrogovin

                            I disagree. Entenmanns are not low end.

                1. re: Kosher Critic

                  On the counter, near the middle of the store

                  1. re: mrogovin

                    The shop is not currently certified. I was told today that they are pursuing alternative certification.

                    1. re: Kosher Critic

                      Well that was fast. Someone probably told them KOA, who is that? Also, I think that Carvel has a contract with Kof-K to certify their franchise stores, so I'm betting that they will turn up as the alternative.

                      1. re: mrogovin

                        They should have opened near the Passiac gate, Then people would know who KOA was.

                        That said, Kof-K's contract is actually for the ingredients, not the stores themselves. Each store would need it's own Teudah.

                        1. re: mrogovin

                          KOA took rescinded the Hechsher when they found out it was owned by a Jew and would be open on Shabbos.