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Aug 15, 2010 07:59 PM

Best place to buy kegs in/near Arlingon/Alexandria?

We're stocking the bar for out wedding and would like to serve up some good keg beer. Any tips on where to go in Northern Virginia? Have already discovered Total Wine at Landmark.

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  1. Westover Market in Arlington claims a 420+ different beers keg list. The list is online if you go to their homepage. I think realistically the choices that they could actually get would be much smaller then 420 since I see a lot of seasonal and limited ones on there, but they still have a nice list.

    I've never bought a keg there but have purchased bottles of beer there. They tend to be a bit higher then some of the other stores on bottle prices. And they definitely mark up anything limited or special by a lot, depending on demand. Cool store, pretty good deli, and a nice beer garden though.

    Norm's in Vienna is another very good store that I haven't bought a keg at but their website says they can order them. Very good prices, very friendly staff, excellent selection. If this store was closer to me I'd go a lot more frequently.

    The store I go to for craft beer is Rick's in Alexandria. Again great staff and prices, but I've never asked if they do kegs. If this store is closer to you I'd suggest calling and asking Jon the beer guy, he is typically willing to order things if he can but I have no idea on if he does kegs.

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      The old standbys--Dixie Liquor on M street and the Vienna Inn. You can also check Eddie Bassin's on MacArthur Blvd.