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Aug 15, 2010 07:45 PM

Chowhound Wedding - Miami-Dade / Broward Counties

I am trying to plan a wedding in about a year and I am looking for advice as to where to have it. We are not going the traditional church service route and wanted to have the wedding at or close to the reception. Our friends and family are spread between Kendall and Coral Springs. Approximately 50 people will be attending and we wanted to keep the total cost below $10,000.

What is most important? The food! It doesn't have to be fancy, but I would like it to be tasty. The couple is of a Middle Eastern and Spanish descent. Secondly, the ambiance. I would like the location to be appropriate for the event.

While my search is just beginning, let me tell you what I've found already. There are some places I went such as restaurant (the one i went was horrible, hehe because they said that people will still come to the restaurant while having wedding in a private room). I'm not sure what kind of restaurant, if its outstanding then it would be a different story. I been to one of the country club which is not bad and we are still looking for a nice formal small wedding for about 30-50 people. If we get a good deal for 50 people that looks nice then its great! other wise, we can make less people. Also, I went to Addition which is really nice, but it is a little expensive and there are two weddings at the same time (which we don't like).

Also, I forgot to mention that we want ceremony and reception. we were thinking have ceremony outside, and also have backup if it rain; and have reception inside. We have not decide which date. I know it would be cheaper to get it on Friday or Sunday. We are still thinking about guests if they can make it? Some said You can have it on Friday start at 8pm ceremony and reception at 9pm till 1am(not bad). Also, I heard about having cocktail, that sound really nice only if its not too expensive.

Where else should we consider having our wedding? I still have to call day cruises to find out their wedding rates. If we were to go for a clubhouse or some other place where we could bring in an outside caterer who do you recommend? Any restaurants you would recommend for a wedding? I am sure that I don't know all my options yet and the phone book is of little help. Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I think you should go talk to Christian or Megan @ Grove Isle Resort. It is on it's own private island in Coconut Grove. They have a fabulous view of the bay and specialize in outdoor weddings. Cocktails will be outside under a covered area right on the water. The restaurant is top notch and your guests can all stay on premises. They will get the Florida feel and have it be very private and affordable. It is easy to get there and have many amenities so you don't have to go anywhere to get pampered.

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      I looked at Red Fish Grill for my wedding. The view is spectacular (right on the water), the food is very good and the beach is right there if you want to have the ceremony there as well. They do lots of weddings, so they know what they're doing, which is always a good thing. The only reason we didn't end up there because the space can only fit about 120 people. Also affordable (by wedding standards, of course!)

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        You might consider The Standard. You could do the wedding on the water (on the left side of the restaurant) and then take half the outdoor restaurant. (You can do inside if need be but frankly, it's not as wedding appropriate.) You can do a buffet or even a three course meal there within your budget. Perhaps you could do some shared appetizers and desserts for the table and bring in your own wedding cake.

    2. I was at a lovely wedding recently at the Embassy Suites in Deerfield Beach. The ceremony was held in a pretty gazebo on a boardwalk area across from the hotel on the beach. Really very pretty. Reception was standard hotel ballroom, food was fine, good service.

      The place in Broward that I'd truly recommend is the Pelican....a lovely hotel right on the beach north of Sunrise Blvd. I've put on many events there, and recommended it so highly that a friend is having a wedding there in January. You could do your party on the rooftop or in a private patio area overlooking the beach. The food is great and they are willing to be creative with the menu. Great service, amazing view, Christy is the one to contact there.