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Aug 15, 2010 07:24 PM

Gelato in Rome, Florence & Venice?

Planning a trip for early Sept and looking for spots to enjoy gelato in the places we are visiting. (Live in NY and have tried Grom but looking to go beyond that) Have searched the boards and seen a few places mentioned, but I don't think I've seen a recent gelato-specific post. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. if you are driving from rome to florence (which jfood highly recommens) plan to stop here

    great town and the best gelato in the world

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      I've never been to Grom but wholeheartedly agree with the Gelateria Neri they do a dark chocolate with chili (more mexican than Italian) but out of this world! I am also a great fan of Vivoli in Florence. In addition I have had some good ice cream at the gelateria which is closed to the Ponte Vecchio. In Rome I am going to suggest the San Crispino and Giolitti, with Giolitti a lot of the charm is in the pure sense of theatre - one sunday I saw 6 priests all with their hats on enjoy a gelati - pure theatre...and also the ice cream is good

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        I second Del Neri. I had exaclt that (choclate pepperoncini with the crostiti fragola). Curiously, I was more or less dragged there by a tour guide who I started talking (debating gelato) to at Perche No? Side story: She said she would never take her groups there for worry of ruining it.

    2. In Florence (and Rome, I think) there's Grom, a cut above, as is Gelateria Neri on I Neri down the road next to the Piazza della Signoria. We were on the fence as to which was best.

      1. It would be worth your while to do a search for "gelato" on this board. (Look in the upper right hand corner of this page for the Search box.) I know there have been many prior discussion of gelato in Rome & Florence that you can access and review. There are likely some for gelato in Venice as well.

        1. Venice has many of gelaterias including a Grom. Though most are decent and many kiosks are supplied by chains such as Igloo, a few stand out and good for certain flavors. Fortunately, unlike the recent article in the NYTimes on how expensive a scoop of the "artisanal" stuff is in NYC, a big scoop is usually 1.2E; and don't expect any off the wall flavors.
          Gelateria Alaska for lighter style with intense flavor ; eclectic owner, unpredictable hours and a bit out of the way in Santa Croce. The rest are more of the traditional style: Doge has a signature flavor of Del Doge, a combination of vanilla and orange with bits of chocolate and candied fruits. Also very good are bittersweet chocolate, Baci and stracciatela. Nico has good fruit flavors, especially the peach and also rum raisin. Paolin has the best lemon. La Boutique del Gelato has good berry flavors, coffee and crema. Unlike Rome, where many places offer a big spoonful of whipped cream on top when asked, not in Venice.

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            Reality check: gelato in Venice is OK; but if you REALLY want to go Chowhound, when you take that side trip to Padua you HAVE to go to Da Bepi:
            Don't just take MY word for it; Gambero Rosso lists it as one of the 10 best in Italy!

          2. Venice: If you like pistacchio gelato don't miss Gelateria Squero in Dorsoduro, near St. Trovaso. It is a small place, not touristic at all but has the most delicious pistacchio gelato I ever had made with pistacchios from Bronte, Sicily. I never tried any of the other flavors because the pistacchio is so amazing that I just kept ordering the same flavor during my stay.

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              "Gelateria Squero"

              My fave for Venice.

              My fave gelaterria in Rome is del Teatro off via Coronari.