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Aug 15, 2010 07:02 PM

Where to find fruits and veggies on Arthur Ave in the Bronx

I just moved to the area and I'm wondering where is the best place to buy fruits and vegetables? If anyone is familiar with Boston, I used to shop at Haymarket and I'm looking for something similiar.


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  1. The Arthur Avenue Retail Market is a shadow of its former self, but at least it is still in existence. You have plenty to choose from there.

    Take a look -->

    1. Are you going to school at Fordham, working in the area, working elsewhere? Modern is a last resort joke, with a very limited selection and often expired goods... The Retail Market is the only decent option in the immediate area. If you are working elsewhere you will be able to find a better grocery store for basic needs...

      1. Believe it or not, the supermarket across the street from the covered market (name forgotten, close to E187 St) is clean, and offers decent produce staples, sometimes fresher and in better condition than those offered by the Boiano Bros in the covered market. The Boianos do have a wider range of speciality fruits and vegetables--but be careful about condition.

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          I neglected to think of Tietel Brothers, is this the one? Tietel is pretty decent, yes. Also The Botanical Garden runs a farmers market--can any attest to it's quality?

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            Teitel's has good prices on imported canned goods, cheese (although - not for price - I prefer Casa della Mozzarella), and some other items, but they don't sell produce. The famer's market at the BG is small, with a few good vendors.

            We like shopping in the Belmont area for bread, cheese, salumi, pasta, etc., but not for produce or groceries (then again, we don't live in that neighborhood and have other options). If the OP has a car or access to one, he might want to consider the new Fairway in Pelham Manor.

          2. re: bob96

            Bob is referring to Modern and I agree with his comments.

            1. re: JohnAM

              Really? I find Modern's non-produce selection to be more dodgy, but I don't think the produce is anything to write home about. You have to be careful with what you pick out, some produce has gone bad and... well let's just say Modern has put items on sale after expiration. But you are right to say the produce isn't wretched... I was a little harsh, it can be dependable for basic needs.

              1. re: NewYorkNewHaven

                Modern, which reminds me of the small neighborhood markets of my Brooklyn childhood, serves mostly students and local working families, with very basic selections. I was more than a few times surprised go find there fairly good greens or peppers when the Boiano brothers had way too old stuff. Teitel is of course great for cheese, salumi, pasta, and other Italian specialities are good prices. But you'll always find non-ethnic staples better priced and more available outside the nabe.