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Aug 15, 2010 06:37 PM

Hot Peppers at Jim's Steaks

I went to Jim's Steaks a few days ago, driving down from NYC and really loved their hot peppers, which where put on extra. The peppers where surly pickled slices, having some spice but not that much. They where a light but bright green/yellow color.

I really liked them, so does anybody have a clue as to what type they are and even better would be what brand.

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  1. I haven't been to Jim's in a while, but if memory serves they don't use anything out of the ordinary. They are almost definitely sliced hot cherry peppers--you'll get hits on Google if you search for that term. Sometimes they are red but taste pretty much the same.

    The regular banana pepper slices you can get all over the country (and at Subway restaurants) are not quite the same, but could work as a substitute.

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      If they are a bright green/yellow color, I would bet they are banana peppers, not cherry peppers. I actually prefer the banana peppers because they don't overpower the sandwich like the cherry peppers can.

      You can find the banana peppers (and the cherry peppers) at your supermarket. I buy them at Shop Rite all the time.

      1. re: Philly Ray

        I had that thought, but banana peppers are hardly exotic--I don't think a foodie from NYC would have never seen these before. When I lived in Ohio they were everywhere.

        I don't think cherry peppers are all that common in markets outside the area, but markets with large Italian-American "ethnic" sections in NYC and North Jersey might have hot cherry peppers, maybe whole if not sliced.

        1. re: barryg

          Ive only had banana peppers at subway and they where sweet. I bought a jar at the local market and the taste is similar but not exact.

      2. re: barryg

        Im pretty sure they where not cherry peppers. I bought some hot banana peppers of the mt. olive brand and they taste similar, but not exactly the same

        1. re: Recursion

          Are they the ones in the cup in this picture?

          Those look like banana peppers but bigger and slightly different than the typical ones you'd find in a grocery store. Maybe they get some special brand or make their own. I haven't been to Jim's in a while--I might have to go investigate this one on the premises ^_^.

          1. re: barryg

            Yes those are them exactly. They are much bigger and have a real zing to them, much better than what I have been able to find in the local super markets.

            1. re: Recursion

              There are 3 main brands of sliced banana peppers in the local wholesale market: San Del, K&Z and Del Sol. San Del is probably the most popular brand, followed by K&Z. Del Sol is a budget brand. San Del was recently bought out by B&G I think, so you may want to try the B&G brand of Hot Pepper Rings in your supermarket. I've seen some K&Z pickles in my local Shop Rite, but never any of their peppers. I don't think they sell direct to the public, but they have a website:

              If they aren't using any of those brands, they are probably using the house brand from their distributor, like Sysco or USfoods.

              1. re: DDR4040

                The ones I buy at Shop Rite are Shop Rite branded.

                1. re: DDR4040

                  I saw Cento brand sweet banana peppers at Super Fresh the other day; they were big and cut thick like the picture. I didn't see any hot ones from Cento though--just the cherry peppers.

                  1. re: DDR4040

                    ok great, thanks so much. Il try B&G next.