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ISO: Barrett Ginger Beer

I searched this board and found it posted that Market Basket carried it. I looked today and they don't(at least the one in Somerville didn't have it). Has anyone seen it? Thanks.

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  1. Barritt's, not Barrett. I saw it by the six-pack and by the case at Martignetti's on Soldiers Field Road last weekend.

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      Thanks Jenny. I realized that I mispelled it after posting.

    2. I recently got a 6 pack of cans, probably at the former Mall Discount (Can't remember the new name) next to whole foods in Fresh Pond. I got the diet variety, which tasted pretty good.

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        Excellent! I'm in that area a lot. Thanks

      2. Murray's Liquor in Newton Centre has had it, if you're thinking of heading this way give them a call:

        Murray's Liquor
        747 Beacon Street
        Newton Centre, MA 02459
        (617) 964-1550

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        1. The Boston Shaker in Davis Square carries a variety of ginger beers. I believe that Barritt's is one of them. If you haven't checked out The Shaker, do it. It's a great shop run by some great people.

          The Boston Shaker
          69 Holland Street, Somerville, MA

          1. Charles Street Liquors in Beacon Hill has it. I think it was $7 or $8 for a six pack. And that relatively new wine/beer store in Brookline Village on Harvard Ave. has it sometimes but not always (I'm not sure why).

            1. Another good brand of ginger beer is AJ Stephans which is made in MA. It is a little stronger than Barrett's and mixes very well. You can find it at Bauer's on Newbury, Savenor's in Cambridge and the Deluca's on Charles used to have it on occasion. I have seen it used at Middlesex, Franklin Cafe and other places.

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                I'm not a fan of the AJ's. A close relative of Barritt's is Gosling's self labled ginger beer which is now more common than Barritt's. I think Polar Beverage is canning it for Gosling's. One of my local places, Solstice in Kingston, switched to Fentiman's which I like better than both.

              2. I get it at the Medford Kappy's, at 16 and 28.