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Aug 15, 2010 04:54 PM

Zocalo - Anyone been?

I drove by and saw this place today, on Bloor just west of Lansdowne. Has anyone been?

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  1. I don't know why no one has responded to this. I've been and it's awesome. Fresh, creative, affordable food. Has awesome options for both meat lovers & vegetarians/vegans. Highly recommended.

    1. didn't work out so well for me. Generic brunch, things were overcooked and under-seasoned. I went a few months back so I can't say I recall exactly what I had. I do recall a overcooked to sawdust level sausage.

      maybe I just don't get brunch, it's not my thing.

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      1. re: aser

        They don't really do a typical brunch — benedicts, omelettes, etc — do they?

        1. re: Herb

          No, but they advertise it as brunch, going for that vibe. That's what I was referring to, the feel.

          Food just wasn't good on my visit, lots of sloppy mistakes. I guess the raves in Now elevated expectations, it's just a local neighbourhood spot with a healthier angle to it.

          1 & done for me, gave it a shot since I live in the area.

      2. I live in the neighbourhood and go often. They have gotten over their first opening jitters and the food is really good. Flavours are spot-on and the prices are great.

        1. It was great when it was next to Avalon, don;t know about the new owner/location.

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              I was being a smartass, my apologies...

          1. Since seeing the sign last year, I have had the pleasure of having dinner at Zocalo four or five times. We tend to go for the broken bread sandwiches, which usually consists of some bread (e.g. lat, olive, baguette, sour), a green salad, a protein (e.g. pomegranate chicken salad, homemade sausage, potted trout, etc.), a spreadable (fe.g. ennel slather, corn hummus), and a condiment (e.g. grape). The "sandwiches" cost around $12, and come on a large platter. My husband and I will normally split two, and the folks at Zocalo will put it all onto one large platter for us to share. For the money, I can't think of a more pleasant, casual, and healthy meal. Throw in a rather large glass of wine for about $8, and you've got yourself a fantastic meal.

            1426 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 3L5, CA