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Aug 15, 2010 04:42 PM

36 hours in Fort Lauderdale!

Quick question: I'm going to be in Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano Beach this Thursday-Saturday morning. Any suggestions for good local food? Nothing dressy please, but price isn't a factor if the food is great.



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  1. Seafood and caribbean style, Calypso on Cypress Rd. south of Atlantic Blvd.

    1. Brother Tuckers (especially if you are a beer lover) is a friendly place located at the East end of Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach.

      Brother Tuckers
      3332 E. Atlantic Blvd
      Pompano Beach, FL 33062
      (954) 785-1984

      1. Here are some Pompano Beach favorites:

        906 S. Powerline Rd
        --A tiny, cash only (was the last time I went) Italian place, homemade for lunch only during the week, and dinner as well on Friday and Saturday.

        La Mia Foccacia
        6303 Powerline Road
        --Lunch only. Possibly the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. Homemade foccacia with a variety of hot and cold combinations. Take out atmosphere with a couple of tables available if you must stay.

        900 East Atlantic Blvd.
        --If you're going to be in Pompano Beach, you've got to have some Brazilian food as this is South Florida's Brazilian epicenter. Great fish stew, feijoada, croquetas de bacalhau (codfish) and yuca, fun place.

        Cafe Maxx
        2601 East Atlantic Blvd.
        --This could be your splurge. A special place with a fabulous menu....from start to finish. Check out the website.

        Taqueria Dona Raquel
        793 South Dixie Hwy.
        --Authentic northern Mexican place that gets lots of kudos here on CH. Been there many times and love the tacos al pastor, tortas, huge soupy shrimp cocktail....homemade tortillas. Don't be bashful if you don't speak Spanish....the staff is quite gracious.

        Madras Cafe
        1434 SW 26th Ave
        (actually on Powerline Road just north of McNab Road)
        --Excellent Indian place, popular....buffet but I think you can order off the menu as well. Nice variety of dishes, appetizers, dessert.

        Taqueria Dona Raquel
        791 S Dixie Hwy W, Pompano Beach, FL 33060