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Aug 15, 2010 04:17 PM

That New Place on Court St. Near Mezcal's Whose Name I Forget

There seems to be a new bar/restaurant on Court St. in Carroll Gardens, couple doors up from Buttermilk and, I think, right next to Mezcal's. It has signage, but the name of the place eludes me now. (I believe it was in Spanish, maybe Portguese?) Aside from that, there is nothing indicating what it is, or what it serves. Last week I had walked by one evening and saw a couple people sitting in there, but 1) was too tired to go in satisfy my curiosity and 2) they were sitting in near darkness, which seemed kind of depressing.

Does anyone have any info on the joint, or can point me to a thread? Thanks!

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  1. Walking by the place this weekend, I did see a menu on the door. Looks like it will be a tapas place.

    Sadly, I still don't remember the name. I know, I know, sorry.

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      Looks like it's called Palo Cortado, and it is indeed a tapas place:

      And it looks like it opened last week. Anyone been?

      Palo Cortado
      520 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      1. re: jmh

        Thanks, jmh! I've been kicking myself for not remembering the name, even though I've walked by it so many times.

        1. re: jmh

          I've been last night and it was pretty awesome I have to say. Incredible selection of wines from Spain, I had the sidra gallega which tasted so unique and authentic! But def not for everybody. Then tapas: octopus a la gallega -excellent- patatas bravas and grilled baby vegetables also very good. For dessert churros... hmmm very yummy.
          I left with the flavor of Galicia in my mounth.