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Aug 15, 2010 03:44 PM

Broccoli Raab in South OC market??

OK.................. I'm tired of watching Italian chefs make things using broccolini de rape (broccoli raab) on TV and never seeing it at any of the chain markets near me (in San Clemente). Anyone know where I can find it,hopefully in the Irvine>South area???

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  1. Is "Chinese Broccoli" the same thing? It sort of looks the same and I've bought that at Bristol Farms. I'll bet Whole Foods has it.

    1. Whole Foods has it - both prepared (deliciously with roasted garlic) in their prepared foods section at the front of the store to the right as you enter and raw, in their produce section.

      1. I've seen it at Wholesome Choice in Irvine.

        Wholesome Choice
        18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

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          I've found it many times in my local Ralph's, also check any middle eastern type food markets, have found it often there also.

        2. Broccoli Rabe is not the same as Chinese Broccoli. It is also known as Rapini and is a member of the Turnip family. My Greengrocer displays it right next to the turnips and other root vegetables and I always wondered why until I asked!
          Not So. OC, but in Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach area. Try Plowboys on Warner and Magnolia. They have it fresh....but look by the turnips.

          1. Check the Laguna Hills farmers' market (or the Irvine Saturday if you have to work on Fridays). Gelsons in Irvine usually has it, and I've bought it at Pavilions in RSM (the one on Antonio and Coto de Caza).