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Aug 15, 2010 02:14 PM

Source for Hot Dogs and buns used by street vendors?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a source to buy the same brand of hot dogs and buns used by street vendors? I'm talking about the big jumbo franks and yellow buns. I've never come across anything resembling them in grocery stores. I live in Markham so theres no street meat vendors here.

Here's an image of the kind I'm talking about:

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  1. I know that the guy at the end of my street buys his sausages from European Meats. Not sure about the buns.

    1. Have you tried Costco? They sell Olympic (or Olympus?) ball park franks, and also Shopsies franks that are about the same size. About $8-$9 for 24, i think...

      As for the buns, never seen them.


      1. There's a place on Richmond East of Church before Jarvis called Soloway's. It's open to the public and definitely has what you're looking for.

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        1. re: East of Yonge

          I love the hot dogs and buns from Royal Beef on the Danforth. They come in packages of 4 and look very similar to your picture ecsix. In fact recently I've asked Carmen where the hot dogs are from and she said something about getting them from the supplier that supplies to the hot dog cart vendors.

          Give them a try and please, let me know what you think.

          1. re: East of Yonge

            we have bought both dogs & buns from Soloway's - they were fantastic.

          2. Champs on Widmer St in Toronto

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              Yea, if Champs is the place im thinking of, its where all the downtown Street Meat vendors get their supplies. Ive driven by early in the morning and seen crates of those yellow buns, and they sell all those delicious italian sausages and hot dogs that I think make Toronto Street Meat some of the best around.

              Im not sure if this place is open to the public or not but you could always walk in and try to buy something, or maybe strike a deal with a Hot Dog vendor to buy supplies from him, its worth a shot anyway...

              Oh, and if you live in Markham, why not go to the Local Canadian Tire, they always have the Hot Dog vendors out front and im pretty sure its the same stuff they use...

                1. re: blogs

                  I went to Champs this weekend. The buns they sell there are from B&A Bakery. I bought a package of 33 all beef hot dogs ($18), and a package of a dozen yellow buns ($2.75?). The total came to $20.75. Not sure if the prices I was quoted included taxes or not.

                  Grilled up some up this weekend. They taste great. I'm sure MANY vendors use these buns made by B&A, but the ones I really want are the yellow ones with poppy seeds.

                  1. re: ultimate4g63

                    Do you know if Champs sells the sausages that the street vendors sell as well? I like the hot dogs, but I absolutely love the sausages more!

                    1. re: YummyYummy

                      Yes they sell those too. i bought a pack of Italian the other week, they also have polish (and probably others as well). I also got a pack of buns, and they did not have poppy seeds on them. Nor did they look like the buns I saw the first time i went in there. I'm not sure what buns i'll get the next time i go.

                      1. re: vidal_sassooon

                        Yes, they do sell sausages but I didn't pick any up that day.

                        Interesting that they don't stick to one bun supplier.

                    2. re: ultimate4g63

                      Perhaps someone could ask one of the vendors where to get the poppyseed buns?

                  2. re: jmarcroyal

                    Thank you very much blogs and jmarcroyal. I'll definitely be making a trip soon.

                    And actually the Canadian Tire here that did have a hot dog vendor closed down and the closest one now is in stouffville and doesn't have one.

                2. Have you tried SilverStein's?. It's at McCaul and Elm Street. I saw them selling hotdog buns like the ones on the street.

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                    Actually, Silverstein's Bakery on McCaul St. is more than block north of Elm St.
                    I wouldn't want you to miss the location.