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Aug 15, 2010 12:59 PM

Dinner recs for friends coming to the U.S. Open

I'm looking for a fun dinner spot for five ladies on a Wednesday everning. We're considering Crispo or Bobo. Which one is best? What other places should we consider?

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  1. Do you definitely want to eat Italian? If not, I'd go for Chinese in Flushing near the Open. it's the best. Post of the Outer Boroughs board and you'll get plenty of suggestions.

    Crispo is always solid in my experience.


    240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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      i totally agree with jeremyeg unless u dont like asian food id do flushing. btw corona has amazing latin food too and it's near the us open. imo the chinese food in flushing and latin food in corona is better than any asian or latin food i've had in manhattan, it's cheaper too.

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        Hey Daffyduck,
        I'm actually also going to the Open this year and would love to hear your Latin recs. Thanks.

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          My favorite places are Quisqueya, Pollos A la Brasa Mario, La Brisa, and Cositas RIcas. There is also an Ecuadurian restaurant I love but they only beat the restaurants I mentioned in ceviches, Ill post the name of the place once I remember.
          Quisqueya and La Brisa are domincan restaurants, I like Quisqueya better but La Brisa has better mofongo. Quisqueya is on 97th street and Roosevelt Avenue, even simple things like rice\beans and a ham and cheese sandwich are amazing. My favorite dishes there are the chicken in garlic sauce and anything with chorizo.
          Pollos A la brasa mario is a columbian restaurant that excels in..chicken lol. Imo everything is better at the domincan restaurants but the chicken especially the chicken soup is much better at pollos a la brasa.
          Cositas Ricas is also columbian, it's 24 hours which is a plus for me because I often hang out late there. My favorite items are actually their breakfast plates but they are only avaiable I believe from 1am to 9 or something. There are also lots of pastries at cositas ricas because it is a bakery too. My favorite bakery items there are the pionono, tres leches, coquitoes, and cheese danishes (trust me these are different than your standard cheese danishes). Note: the pina dulce cake and cholados at cositas ricas are bad. If you want cholados (basically a latin taiwainese ice) you have to trek over to Xtasis on northern blvd. BTW Xtasis sells patacons (sandwiches made with tostones instead of bread) they also sell their cholados with ice cream. BTW I personally prefer cholados over taiwainese ice. Hope this helps. Xtasis is far unless youre going by car but the other places are all under the 7 train. I'm not sure how many days you're going to the US Open but if you go 1-2 stop more on the 7 train towards manhattan there's great indian, thai, and malaysian places. There's also himalayan and philipino, but it's not as tasty as the thai and indian imo but if you're interested it is definitely something to try.
          Sorry that this is mainly a outer boros post. But I was responding to JeremyEG's question.

            1. re: daffyduck

              i just stopped by Xtasis last night and they have pataco not patacons. i actually ordered one and it's just green plaintains with whatever meat you chose. not the patacon sandwich =[. I also tried Avena which is like an oatmeal like drink, I never had it before but I thought it was tasty. Not as good as the cholados of course.
              btw I also recently had excellent mexican food at Los 3 Portillos. They're just one block away from northern blvd if you're on roosevelt avenue and junction blvd. Here is the exact address.

              Here's the menu
              The al pastor taco wasn't that good but everything else was very good especially the chiles rellenos and mora drink.

              82-12 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

                1. re: daffyduck

                  Thank you thank you! And while you're here, can you list your Chinese recs as well?
                  I'm headed out Wednesday.

                  1. re: JeremyEG

                    im not an expert on asian food and dont trek to flushing that often but when i do go i usually get things recommended by other fellow chowhounders.
                    but these are places i like
                    hunan house, spicy tasty, and little pepper for szcheun and hunan
                    a taste of shanghai for shanghainese (pork shoulder in brown sauce)
                    nan xiang-soup dumplings and scallion pancakes with beef
                    imperial palace-cantonese (crab with sticky rice)
                    flushing mall-xian famous foods
                    golden mall-various noodle soups and xian famous foods (i dont think anyone speaks english here or even cantonese i usually go with my gf who speaks mandarin)