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Aug 15, 2010 12:10 PM

Need advice on gas cooktop and electric wall oven for NYC apartment

I am renovating my kitchen in my NYC apt. First time shopping for appliances.
I am shopping for a 30-in gas cooktop, don't need really high BTU's, but must simmer well (I make a lot of sauces and custards). I see that Bluestar is reviewed well here but can I do w/o a hood?
For the electric wall oven, I'm looking for convection and self-clean features, in 27 or 30-in.
I'm also looking for brands that can be easily repaired in Manhattan. Thanks!

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  1. I'd say Miele for the wall oven as they do make 30" (H4882BP), 27" (H4782BP) and 24" (H4682B) models. All have convection and self-clean.

    Can't help you on a gas cooktop since I'm more into induction but I'm not sure it's such a good idea to have a gas cooktop without a hood..

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      2nd the Miele -- it has convection but I decided to skip the self-clean. They offer a special finish called something like Perfect Clean that makes oven cleaning as simple as wiping with a soapy sponge. It's terrific as is the Miele gas cooktop. Mine has a a high BTU burner that also goes super-low for simmering. Miele service is superlative...they get there when they say they will & they fix it the first time unless a part has to be ordered...the good news is in my 25+ years of using Miele appliances I've needed service less than half a dozen times if that -- I do have a hood.

    2. General Electric, and possibly others, make electric ovens over which one can install a gas cooktop from the same series. I know these are available in 30" and they may also be made in 27".

      Anyway, if the installation instructions for the electric oven states that a gas cooktop may be installed over it, then you essentially have a dual-fuel setup without the high cost of a single integrated appliance.

      Obviously, there would be two utility hookups involved, gas for the cooktop (plus 120 volts for the controls) and 120/240 volts for the oven.