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Aug 15, 2010 12:07 PM

One night in Vegas on our 1st anniversary

We are using Vegas as a place to fly in/out of but will be there one night, which happens to be Labor Day. Looking for a nice place to eat that will not break the bank. Im thinking about $100-140 for the entire bill, including a drink or two. Would like a somewhat romantic ambiance but without having to wear a coat and tie. We are staying at the MGM and like about any type of food. Probably prefer asian fusion, mexican, italian, or american.
Help please!!

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  1. MGM's website lists all their eateries.

    Fiamma for Italian. Diego for Mexican. Craftsteak is always mentioned as one of the finest steak houses in town.

    Search chow's Las Vegas board for more reviews.

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      Thanks for the link. I had wanted Craftsteak but after reading a bunch of these posts I have determined that it is out of my price range. Also we dont mind leaving the hotel to go somewhere that is not too far. So keep the recommmendations coming.

    2. Do you for sure want to stay within MGM? Aureole at Mandalay Bay has a $55 prix fixe menu - you'd have to eat a little earlier (they're usually pre-theatre menus requiring reservations before about 7pm) but that would work nicely with your budget. Stripsteak (also at Mandalay Bay) also has a prix fixe for the same price and apparently you just have to eat before 11pm - I've never been there so can't speak to the quality. Or Joel Robuchon has the l'unique menu - $49, before 6:45pm, 3 courses served all at the same time. Probably the best food you'll get, but maybe not the slow romantic atmosphere you were thinking of.

      Overall, I think I'm going to recommend Nob Hill. $49 3 course seasonal menu, classic American, and I had a great meal there last time I was in Vegas, plus they have little private booths which would totally provide the intimate romantic atmosphere.

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        Thanks for the info. Im looking pretty hard at Nob Hill right now. We may wait til the last minute and decide what kind of food we want. It sounds like most of the restaurants are not impossible to get into. I will let you know what I decide and how the meal went.