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Aug 15, 2010 11:46 AM

SaladFarm, the big munch

Having lunch with our friend Sheri involves ONLY a place that serves some variation of a Chicken salad meaning lottas salad and less chicken. We tried GreenPeas - pretty good but our latest foray last week was a SaladFarm the new offering in the much restaurant turnover in the corner of the mini mall on the north side of SM Blvd east of Sepulveda. Most recently the restaurant was Cinque Terre but the SaladFarm folks have fixed up the patio with cute little umbrellas while inside is a very efficient with about six servers (behind glass) who will translate your every whim choice from about 16 salads plus several varieties of baked potato (I had the bp with cheese sauce and a ton of steamed broccoli on top - pretty good but the cheese sauce could have been more cheesy - broccol was tops). Mme Zoe and Sheri had humungous salads - one with seafood and the other with chicken (of course). While the inside decor was pretty cafeteria you cannot beat the service, the quality and the yum of the food. Very tasty. Great place for takeout. Salads were huge and under 10 bucks. Only downside was the napkins the size of a postage stamp. Parking is in the lot or on street if you are lucky but the lot seems to have good turnover.

North side of SM bld one block east of Sepulveda

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  1. Zoe - thanks for this review. Sorry I didn't catch it back at the time you did it. This place looks to be basically across the street from the Hole in the Wall Burger Joint. I'm always looking for a great salad place, especially one that delivers (which Salad Farm does). Did you ever go back to sample their panini sandwiches by any chance? I went ahead and added a place link for this location.

    Salad Farm
    11047 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025