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Aug 15, 2010 11:43 AM


I over estimated how many blackberries we could pick and ended up with about 9kilos of them. Unfortunately, I only bought pectin for 2.5kilos worth. So I have several kilos to hold over for a day or two until I can buy more pectin and jars. Unfortunately, for all intensive purposes, I don't have a freezer. Here are my 2 options... Or at least the 2 we can think of...

1. Harold McGee to the rescue?
Hot water bath?

2. Should I do the hot water bath and then sprinkle with a known mass of sugar and then refridgerate? Won't that help keep them even more 'preserved' until I can properly preserve them?

Any other good ideas?

Much thanks!!

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  1. Blackberries are naturally high in pectin, so you could try making a jam or jelly without the added pectin. Just make sure there are some under-ripe ones in there, or throw in an apple peel. Jars are another problem though....

    You could also freeze the excess berries.

    1. Even without a bath, they should be fine with sugar in the fridge for a couple of days. Maybe a little lemon juice too, if you have it.

      1. You can cook the blackberries and sugar,then refridgerate .That will stop any deterioration or fermentation for a while. Reheat and finish later after you have your jars and pectin.