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Aug 15, 2010 10:42 AM

new nut guy at haymarket

shopping yesterday at haymarket i saw a brand new tent and stall, with a big banner in the back that said "delancey street peanut company". on display were small boxes of many different kinds of dried fruits and nuts. a hand-written sign said each box contained 1/4 pound of product and cost $4.99. soooooo, $25 for a pound of almonds?

the whole thing just seemed so peculiar. an annual permit down there is cheap, but i always thought it involved city hall nepotism, the stall vendors sell at basically wholesale prices, it's a company from new jersey, for pete's sake and i can buy a pound of almonds for $5 at one of the middle eastern markets right there.

tourists will probably buy from him because they are too afraid to venture into the basement shops, but seriously what gives?

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  1. At $4.99 per 1/4 pound, $20 a pound for almonds is also outrageous, but it's more accurate.

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      lol, i was posting in haste and also an english major. thanks!

    2. I saw that guy. It seemed so out of place, I agree. But no one was buying from him when I swept by twice. I sure was not tempted!