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Well, THAT'S a new one. A strip club with a ChefDb listing.

House of Lancaster pops up in "Recently Added". Them's must be some mighty tasty wings. The Finger Food and Platter sections of the menu are not for the delicate among us. No, I will not be creating a link.

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  1. Gotta branch out in a recession. I noticed that the cook also spends time at Bohmer and Oro, places I would eat at based on food alone. Wonder if a piquant Pataki or less-than-grumpy Kates review would attract the unsuspecting....

    93 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

    Oro Restaurant
    45 Elm, Toronto, ON M4W1N6, CA

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      My vote goes to Corey Mintz to saddle up and take the review reins just one more time.

    2. House of Lancaster on the Queensway is pretty nice, I know the owner, Spiro.. However House of Lancaster II on Bloor... is disgusting

      1. i've always wondered about the food at jilly's... there's a sign on the side of the building that says something like home made and available for take-out. there must be some pretty fine food at a ripper establishment to not bother staying for the entertainment.

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            You could always go across the street for DD's... they're bigger, you know.

        1. Sara Waxman reviewed the Landing Strip, by the airport, for the Toronto Sun a (long) while back.

          How did she like it? here is her quote: "Before anyone recoils in horror and gasps that the Landing Strip is a strip club, let me state unequivocally, that I had the best darned hamburger in the city at lunch here today"


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            In case it isn't obvious to others, that above link is NOT safe for work.... There is a naked lady in the background of the review... so, if you want to read it, maybe wait until you get home to check it out :)

            Thanks for sharing, will read it later..

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              But, thank god, the naked woman is not Sara Waxman.

          2. While I have never eaten at a strip club I have heard off and on over the year friends/etc. rave about the food at this place or that.

            I saw the Jilly's sign the other day and was also intrigued. Being a guy, I may have to take the bullet on this one.


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              I think you should plan a chowtour of strip clubs on the google group...

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                You gonna be my co pilot again??


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                  Um, I think I'll pass on this one. Looking forward to the report, though!

            2. Has anyone checked out the HofL food yet?

              1. It's just the cook himself putting up his work history on there, that's how the site works. An online resume so to speak.

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                  I understand. The question remains.

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                    I had some really, really good nachos one night at For Your Eyes Only on King West...and quite pleasant service too!

                    The Only on King
                    172 King St, London, ON N6A, CA