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Aug 15, 2010 08:29 AM

New Port in Broomfield: Here or Gone?

"Someone" told me that New Port (former Heaven Star) is closed. I can't recall who "Someone" was, so I can't check directily. When I phoned, the auto message I got was, "The subscriber has not yet set up this message system [or similar]. Try again later. Goodbye." Ominouos.

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  1. I answered by own question. Around 11:45 a.m., someone finally answered the phone. They're open. They're doing dum sum. And off we went. The restaurant was less crowded than on previous Sundays at noon-plus. It might have been a function of the Boulder Asian Festival just uip the pike -- or maybe not. Everything looks and feels the same. Carts didn't come out quite as quickly as during previous visits. Food seemed the same, except....something I can't put my finger on. Maybe fewer tables occupaied and no one waiting meant that they weren't cranking out dishes as qucikly as in the past, therefore less variety during one visit. Or....????

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      Occasionally, when it's not as busy, I have to specifically order one or two of my favorite items. They keep more stuff stocked on the carts when it's crowded than when it's not. But they've always been very eager to please with special orders.

      When my Chinese coworkers were in town earlier this year for two months, this was their favorite restaurant. They said it was more authentic than any other, even though they don't eat this way daily at home. My Hong Kong coworker says it's pretty authentic, but he thinks of dim sum as breakfast food, so he never wants to go there for lunch in the same way I never want to have lunch at IHOP.