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Aug 15, 2010 08:29 AM

Looking for restaurants that feature locally grown produce

Staying in Huntington Beach (with car) and seeking restaurants that feature fresh local food. Two of the four of us are vegetarian - but we don't need help finding health food bars We are seeking California fresh. A restaurant like Chez Panisse (upstairs) would be great. Any advice?

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  1. You might like Studio at the Montage for their dedication to fresh, California grown produce and locally sourced seafood. Certainly not inexpensive however.

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        If you really want to thank the board simply return here after your trip and report on where you went, what you ate and your impressions of each place.

        That said, for breakfast or lunch/brunch you should make certain to give Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills a try. I don't know what their sourcing is as far as local ingredients are concerned, but it is a place that will be sure to leave a good taste in your mouth. Off the radar and a little bit hidden away, it is well worth the time and effort to get there for a meal. Not expensive and you can wear shorts and a tee shirt if that is comfortable for you. Just a great unique place.

        Break of Dawn
        24351 Avenida De La Carlota Ste N6, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

    1. "A restaurant like Chez Panisse (upstairs) would be great. Any advice?"

      I have to laugh, it is to laugh, etc. I've been going to Chez Panisse, upstairs and downstairs, since the early Eighties and have never found anything like it of similar quality in Southern California. However, Alice's (former) produce provider, Chino Farm, is down here, and a nice place about ten miles from you, just off the 405 in Costa Mesa -- Pizzeria Ortica ( ) -- currently has a special Chino Farm menu with a handful of items. Overall, they offer very good pizza (thin, moist Neapolitan style), pasta, antipasto, and (a few) entrees, including chicken under a brick, which the CP cafe does so well. Many dishes are in the general Chez Panisse style, and some are delicious but not at that level. Desserts have been the weak point, although I haven't yet tried the gelato or affogato.

      PO isn't pizza-house cheap, but it's not nearly as expensive as Servorg's recommendation -- Studio -- which is just that much better.

      Pizzeria Ortica
      650 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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        Thanks - I had identified this one off of a tourist mag. Good to know it's worth the drive.

      2. I recommend Gjelina in Venice. I'm not positive that all of their produce is local, but it's extremely fresh. Every time I have been, they have had a special seasonal item (for instance, most recently it was grilled peaches) that is incredibly good. It's not convenient to HB, but if you wanted you could easily spend a day up north and finish with dinner at Gjelina.

        1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291, USA