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Is There Some Day of the Week...

that you connect with a particular food? I realized a while ago that I really connect doughnuts and similar treats with Sundays. As an adult, I never find myself eating them then, but when I was a kid, that was an occasional Sunday treat, sometimes after church and sometimes for a Sunday afternoon meeting. Of course, in those days, it was also the only day my working mother made fried chicken and meatloaf because they took longer to cook than the other main courses she did.

I know for many folks, Friday was fish, and for other folks, Sunday was bagels and their associated delights, but that wasn't the world I grew up in. Do tell.

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  1. Sunday was always dad's scrambled eggs with burnt tomatoes (no don't laugh it was good) which morphed into bagels with later in our youth. Sunday lunch was always roast beef with roast potatoes and gravy until I started going horseback riding on sundays so that was the end of lunch.

    Friday night in my family always was and still is, chicken soup, roast chicken with all the trimmings and usually a laugh-at-my-mum dessert. The chicken soup and roast chicken is very common amongst English Jews (don't know for the USA) leading a friend's nanny to remark once, if it's chicken it must be Friday.

    1. When I was growing up, Thursdays was TV dinner day. I looked forward to that--we had either Swanson's or (for us kids) Libbyland dinners.

      Saturday mornings (when I was a kid) meant visiting my great-aunt and great-uncle, eating from a big can of chips or pretzels (Sturgis), while watching Sat. AM cartoons.

      1. Pancakes for breakfast on Sundays. Brown beans and cornbread on Mondays. Fried ham and potatoes on Saturday night. The reason for the brown beans on Mondays was Monday was wash day and the beans could simmer on the stove all day while Mamma did the washing.

        1. I love this post. Will have to give it further thought but I almost always bake a dessert on Friday for the weekend and a special Sunday dinner just because.

          1. Sunday - bacon & eggs for breakfast

            1. There is another recent thread "do some families actually do this?"(sic)
              That talks about serving a set menu.

              Growing up, my mother served London Broil on Monday nights, fish on Tuesday night, Lamb or veal chops on Wed. night. Thursday night was Chinese Takeout, Friday night chicken, Saturday night delicatessen for the kids, parents went out. Sunday liunch was eaten out in a choice of resataurants and Sunday supper was takeout pizza.

              50+ years later and I am still likely to have Chinese on Thursday nights, chicken Friday nights and pizza on Sunday.

              1. The Sunday post-Thanksgiving is always turkey hash and turkey soup made Greek style with eggs and lemon juice. Really, in my family, the T-day turkey dinner was simply a necessary precursor to getting to the Soup & Hash night.

                1. Friday was fish at my house when I was growing up. I also remember there was one day of the week where my brother & I got to have TV dinners (Swanson) that we ate off TV trays. I loved those dinners back then when they came in actual metal pans with aluminum foil and had to be baked about an hour. Fried chicken, spaghetti & meatballs, meatloaf were weeknight dinners. Sunday dinner was something pork..ham & cabbage, pork chops, etc. or a beef roast with gravy, mashed potatoes and rolls.

                  Weekend breakfasts were pancakes or waffles, eggs & bacon, etc. During the week, we got cereal/oatmeal/cream of wheat & toast. When I was raising my kids, I was a working mom & went to school full time so for a period of time, Monday was Pizza Hut night because they had a dinner buffet where they charged 25 cents per year of a child's age. So my four year old could eat for $1.00 , and with three kids, we could all eat for around $6-7.

                  Tuesday was Sonic ($1.00 burgers after 5 p.m) Wed-Friday, I cooked dinner. Saturday, we had leftovers from what was cooked during the week. Sunday, I cooked a huge dinner, and I generally made two desserts for Sunday dinner to last through the week.

                  1. Growing up, mom usually made something that took longer to cook. Usually pot roast, her version of pigs in a blanket (bacon wrapped inside of pounded round steak strips), stews, beans with ham hocks, rump roasts, etc. Now, especially in winter, I fall back on some of these same things for Sunday dinner. It's my type of comfort food.

                    1. Your post reminded me of being a kid in NJ, when the "fish guy" used to come through our (very Catholic) neighborhood every Friday with fresh seafood. To this day, though I gave up Catholicism for Lent many, many years ago, I still associate Friday with fish.

                      Back then, Sundays were all about the after-mass late breakfast ... fresh hard rolls, onion rolls, and crumb buns from the local bakery or, if we were going to Nana's, fresh rye bread or those delicious Hungarian flaky pastries with the poppy seed, apricot, and walnut fillings.

                      1. Mashed potatoes on Saturday mornings watching cartoons. Of course, this was when I was a kid. Unfortunately I work on Saturdays now -- in fact, I'm at work right now wishing for some mashed potatoes!

                        1. I love this thread.....remembering the good ole' days. Of course Friday was always fish night, unless money was tight and then Mom made a big pot of corn chowder. Loved it! Saturday was usually hamburger patties with baked beans, which she cooked all day. Mom also worked full time. Sunday after church Dad would cook up eggs and bacon, he even fixed the dog a plate. We all loved that dog! Mom's Sunday dinner was the best baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and whichever veggie was fresh and available. I can remember vividly, sitting around with Mom preparing fresh string beans fresh from the garden. Dad would pick em and we would prep en. This was all about 40 years ago....thanks for the memories.

                          1. If it's Friday, it's fish (for the usual reasons). Monday used to be reserved for buffalo wing night at a popular bar in college, but I've been curtailing that indulgence. During the week, I usually try to eat responsibly with Friday being a specific challenge as I work to make a special meal without most animal products. By the time Sunday rolls around, I am fed up with privation and treat the day as an anything goes occasion for carbs, fats and sweets that would otherwise offend my weekday sensibilities.

                            1. Friday was Free Ice Cream night at our local McDonald's and my dad would take my brother and me there for a hamburger and ice cream cone.

                              Sunday is "macaroni and gravy" at Grandma's.

                              Tuesday was Senior Citizen's day at Friendly's so Grandma and Grandpa would drag me there after school so they could get a free sundae with their meal. (In retrospect this was actually fun because Grandpa never finished his sundae so I got mine plus half of his)

                              1. Sunday is spent making a big pot of sauce for pasta. It always has been for me, and always will be for my family. What changes is the type of pasta and whether its meatballs, sausage, chicken, eggplant, or a combination thereof to go with it... but Sunday is pasta.

                                1. Thursday night= pizza. Homemade or takeout, but when I think Thurs night I think pizza night.

                                  1. Monday = Red Beans and Rice
                                    Thursday supper = sardines, tomatoes, onions and crackers (at my grandparents' house)
                                    Friday = Seafood

                                    1. Canned spaghetti& meatballs for Saturday lunch when I was a preteen. Or sometimes a sandwich of white bread with leftover franks&beans. Guess I had a red&white theme going. My father worked nights so was asleep, and Mom worked on Friday and Saturday only. On Sunday morning, he went to the bakery for poppyseed-topped hard rolls, which, oddly, we had with bacon and eggs for breakfast. I don't recall ever making sandwiches with them - that was rye or white bread. Sunday lunch was often blueberry-filled crepes.