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Aug 15, 2010 08:12 AM

Is There Some Day of the Week...

that you connect with a particular food? I realized a while ago that I really connect doughnuts and similar treats with Sundays. As an adult, I never find myself eating them then, but when I was a kid, that was an occasional Sunday treat, sometimes after church and sometimes for a Sunday afternoon meeting. Of course, in those days, it was also the only day my working mother made fried chicken and meatloaf because they took longer to cook than the other main courses she did.

I know for many folks, Friday was fish, and for other folks, Sunday was bagels and their associated delights, but that wasn't the world I grew up in. Do tell.

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  1. Sunday was always dad's scrambled eggs with burnt tomatoes (no don't laugh it was good) which morphed into bagels with later in our youth. Sunday lunch was always roast beef with roast potatoes and gravy until I started going horseback riding on sundays so that was the end of lunch.

    Friday night in my family always was and still is, chicken soup, roast chicken with all the trimmings and usually a laugh-at-my-mum dessert. The chicken soup and roast chicken is very common amongst English Jews (don't know for the USA) leading a friend's nanny to remark once, if it's chicken it must be Friday.

    1. When I was growing up, Thursdays was TV dinner day. I looked forward to that--we had either Swanson's or (for us kids) Libbyland dinners.

      Saturday mornings (when I was a kid) meant visiting my great-aunt and great-uncle, eating from a big can of chips or pretzels (Sturgis), while watching Sat. AM cartoons.

      1. Pancakes for breakfast on Sundays. Brown beans and cornbread on Mondays. Fried ham and potatoes on Saturday night. The reason for the brown beans on Mondays was Monday was wash day and the beans could simmer on the stove all day while Mamma did the washing.

        1. I love this post. Will have to give it further thought but I almost always bake a dessert on Friday for the weekend and a special Sunday dinner just because.

          1. Sunday - bacon & eggs for breakfast