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Help ASAP! I have to eat at Gordon Biersch....

We are going this morning, and I looked at the very average food menu. http://www.gordonbiersch.com/resource... Brunch menu is so-so, too. What is the best thing on the menu -- other than beer?

ps, beer recs invited, too.

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  1. I like the garlic fries there. Haven't had anything else memorable.

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      Agree on the garlic fries. Bring mints.

      1. the hummus plate is a not-too-terrible safe bet. can't remember what else i had there, nothing was great.

        1. I've always had an entree salad, but warning, get the dressing on the side, otherwise it's drowned. And they are very fresh.

          1. Never heard of the chain, but from the menu it sounds like it won't exactly be torture...What did you end up having?

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              ha ha, i begged off, and let mr. alka have a "boys' morning out."

              he said that the sliders were way overpriced, but that his pals liked a seafood salad and an omelette from the brunch menu. he says the omelette looked dry, fwiw.

              omelettes and seafood salad: real beer hall fare. LOL!

            2. GB really isn't that bad. Not gourmet, but reliably decent. Same kind of food as TGI's/Ruby Tuesdays/etc - but much better than them.

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                  I just went to pull up the menu to refresh my memory and I don't see my favorite goat cheese ravioli or Reuben sandwich listed. Those two dishes were my go-to's - the ravioli was served with pine nuts and spinach in a brown butter sauce, and the Reuben was huge, stacked thick with corned beef or turkey (they offered both versions). How disappointing....I hope those items haven't really been discontinued....

                  Of what is still on the menu, I think their version of southwest egg rolls is one of the best I've had in a restaurant. And I agree with ipsedixit - they do a very solid hamburger. I haven't been there for brunch.