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Are there any Gluten Free Restauraurants in Philly or Bucks County area?

I am looking for restaurants with a gluten free menu, not just some of their meals that do not have wheat in them. I have found pizza at Uno's Chicago Grill, Olive Garden has pasta..
Does anyone know of others?? thanks

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  1. Have you seen the Gluten Free Philly web page? I think it answers your question pretty thoroughly:

    In Philly, I know of a handful of good spots that fit the bill, with the caveat that I have not tried the GF offerings at any of them. Paesano's in the Italian Market offers gluten-free bread so the entire menu is potentially game. Giorgio on Pine and Modo Mio offer GF pasta substitutions, and I think others do as well. I believe all of the Garces Restaurant Group restaurants (Amada, Tinto, et al) also have GF menus, but I don't know if they have special dishes or are just convenient listings of the wheat-free menu items (of which there are plenty of delicious options).

    If you search this board and the PA board you will find other posts on this topic.

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      There is a new gluten free bakery in Wynnewood at the Wynnewood R5 train station. It's brand new (maybe 2-3 months?)--the baked goods were delicious. And she makes custom cakes, etc.

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        The bakery is called Main Line Baking Company and the treats are DIVINE!! I just discovered this place a couple weeks ago and I'm in love. So far I've had the gluten-free cupcakes and cookies and both were super delicious. I don't have celiac disease, but their treats are also dairy-free and I'm lactose intolerant so this place was a real find for me.

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          Just went to their website and they have an on-line store, too - www.mainlinebakery.com.

    2. P.F. Chang's has a fairly extensive gluten-free section on their menu.

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          Are they in the Dresher Arcade now? Can't seem to find them.

        2. In Doylestown, I believe that Jules Pizza has gluten free items, as well as Cafe Alessio. Unfortunately both are pizza, but they may be an upgrade from Uno?

          1. The Modo Mio staff just returned from Italy and brought back some gluten-free pasta. They also make a great gluten-free bread.

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              I understand that Basicly Burgers in Doylestown now has gluten free buns

            2. Molly Maguire's in Lansdale has a separate gluten-free menu you can ask for. And they offer a gluten free beer: Red bridge.

              1. Legal Seafoods has lots of gluten free options. I ate at the one near the Providence airport just today and they were very accommodating -- server seemed very aware of what items had gluten. They even serve a warm gluten-free dinner roll as a starter and it was pretty good!

                There is now a Legal Seafoods at the Philly airport (not exactly a destination I know...) and one at the KoP Mall. The food in general at LS gets mixed reviews on this board, but I think the food is decent and it was nice to have informed waitstaff that acted like being gluten-free was totally normal.

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                  Wow a warm gf dinner roll. I will have to tell my friend who is testing for a gluten intolerance. When we go out I have to keep the basket of rolls on my side of the table. He has only been at it since feb of this year and is afraid he will forget and mindlessly grab one.

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                    Thanks again for mentioning this naneharvey! I was looking for Sullivan's today in KOP, I always get disoriented in that area, and when I saw Legal my friend and I decided to try it. The look on my friend's face when the waitress brought out two huge gf dinner rolls was worth the trip alone!
                    My friend ordered salmon from the gf menu and was very pleased. He got the broccoli and green beans as sides and they were generous piles of veggies. I got steamers (the little necks) which was also a gf option, and they were very good. I couldn't resist getting their famous chowder, as I had tried it at Costco and wanted to compare. Very tasty. A kind of chowder was even offered on the gf menu but we didn't try it this visit.
                    Don't tell my friend but my regular dinner rolls were incredible, maybe I was just hungry but darn they were good.
                    Check this out, there was even a gf desert offered, chocolate mousse, but sadly we were stuffed by that time. Service was just how I like it, casual and friendly but efficient.

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                      Grandma's Grotto in Horsham, PA advertises a gluten free menu ...

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                        Went to Grandma's Grotto about 6 months ago, and was not impressed at all with the GF.

                        FYI, Tabora Farms in Chalfont now has a whole GF fresh baked section. Everything we tried was wonderful.

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                          Thanks for the info on Tabora.

                          I just noticed Iron Hill at all of its branches has a GF menu, and stocks Red Bridge, which is a GF beer.

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                        We've had fantastic meals there. Alone and with non-celiac friends. everyone has always been very happy. This is a NY style Italian restaurant. Excellent food s well as generous portions at a reasonable price. The largest gluten-free menu in Bucks County - no substitutions required. The gluten free menu starts with appetizers and ends with desserts. Enjoy your old favorites like crispy mozzerella sticks or. fried calamari. My favorite is the eggplant parm but the pasta sauces are wonderful. Most items are made from scratch. Gluten free items are SO good even your gluten eating friends can't tell. Service is great and owner/chef is friendly. Ask for Gluten free onion rings. They are not on the menu but he will make them! Crispy and crunchy like onion frizzles.

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                          Don't mean to be dense A_Holovacs but what is the name of the restaurant please?

                    2. As long as this thread popped up, I'll put in another plug for Sazon, where I just ate last night after having skipped it for a while. My GF husband was in heaven. These people really understand what it means to be GF and there is a huge variety of choices, unlike many of the restaurants that say they can be GF but ultimately have very limited choices. And the food is delicious, too.