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Aug 15, 2010 05:49 AM

Puerto Vallarta recommendations for September

I will be going to Puerto Vallarta in Mid September. Having never been there, all of my research is just coming up with "touristy" type restaurants. Although I am a tourist, I don't wish to eat like one. Can anyone recommend some areas with many local eateries? great smaller restaurants? local shopping areas?

All recommendations are welcome. Thanks

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  1. Google Earth and Google Maps will give you a tour of Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta. Also take a look at and for lots of local information. You can check on the restaurants by using Google Street View.
    Remember that September is normally hot, humid and wet.

    1. Sorry that I can't help you with specific restaurant suggestions, but if you follow this link ( you'll get some helpful advice from others.

      There's an especially long, and probably festive "puente" (long weekend) in Mexico, including PV, running from the 15th through the 19th of September this year - due to the nation celebration a Bicentennial and Centennial. PV will probably be packed with tourists, or at least experiencing a level of tourism above what it would typically see at this traditionally "low" season along the Pacific Coast.

      Enjoy the trip!

      1. Tacos de Marlin...As soon as you arrive in PV it's just across the footbridge from the airportThe smoked marlin is out of this world. I prefer the marlin and shrimp combo. It is very friendly, quick and usually packed. I've made numerous trips throughout the area and now own property north of PV on the Nayarit coast and hands down Tacos de Marlin is my favorite food in the area.

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          thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like something I should try. Any other places?

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            There are also a lot of little family run places in Zona Romantica that are worth exploring. The further inland from the Olas Altas beach you go the more likely you are to find some of the gems. The taco stands in that are are also worth a late night treat.

        2. Red Cabbage Restaurant. It's hard to find and not in the touristy part at all. In fact you would want to take a cab there and back. Do not walk there. It's down a long dark road. Even our cabby didn't know if. The chef is well know for terrific flavours. She put out a cookbook that I bought while there a year ago and crave being able to buy the fresh chilies she cooks with. Try it on one of your first nights. I also always eat street tacos. They are the best. I've been there several times and have never had a problem with stomach upset. They are on several street corners and you will enjoy all the different salsa. Each vendor makes their own. I think 5 tacos is 30 pesos.