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Aug 14, 2010 10:08 PM

Casper, WY to Denver, Steamboat Springs

We will be driving from Casper to Denver, and back via Steamboat Srpings. Is there a restaurant worth going our of the way for? A least a decent place to stop for lunch? Dinner in Steamboat?

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  1. Steamboat is a vibrant resort town w/ lots of good places to eat. Have you searched this board? Your question is open-ended and does not narrow it down to the kinds of food you love or loathe.

    1. Which way are you coming from Casper? Down through Rawlins then to I-80 or through Medicine Bow & Hwy 30?
      For really good mexican food, stop in Rawlins at the Lariat or in Sinclair at Su Casa. (I prefer Su Casa, my MIL prefers Lariat). You could sidetrack off the interstate to Saratoga & eat at the Wolf Hotel. The deep fried mushrooms, salad bar, & steak or prime-rib are always good.
      Search the board for Laramie & you will see we have a variety of local places that are pretty good.
      I'm not very familiar with Steamboat, but we had breakfast at one place that was downtown & the pancakes were pretty good. It's a small mountain town, so you may have to drive around & pick something. As for Denver, there are a ton of recs on the mountain states board, just do a search, then follow up with any questions.