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Aug 14, 2010 05:49 PM

Your pic for a lunch in Galveston

I have a friend coming from Atlanta in September and we will be traveling through Galveston on our way west of Galveston. I am taking her on a tour of my beloved Galveston and would like your suggestions of a good lunch on the seawall.

James - I am counting on your blog!

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    I haven't tried it yet but plan to soon. The Gumbo Bar, on the Strand.

    Clary's would be good but call to make sure they're open.

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    1. re: texasredtop

      Benno's at 12th & Seawall. Local fare, blue crabs cooked all kinds of ways, soft-shell crabs, stone crab claws, indoor-outdoor.

    2. It's not right on the seawall, but we always enjoy Mosquito Cafe.

      1. Had lunch today at Olympia Grill on 21st street pier, port side. You can watch boats come and go and enjoy some really good food.

        Olympia Grill
        4908 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

        1. I'd have to say Benno's. It's not an extravagant spot but has great food and not over priced. If you don't mind the seagulls sit outside and enjoy the ocean air and sounds.

          1. Not a Benno's fan myself but I can second Olympia Grill at Pier 21 or the Gumbo Bar.

            I have yet to have a meal at Olympia Grill that I did not enjoy. Plus the location is nice right on the harbor with ships passing etc. Gumbo Bar truly has good gumbo and some other dishes with one exception. I do not think they make a good poboy. They are just lacking and not dressed properly.

            Along the seawall I feel it is slim pickings. There is always Gaido's which some people love, and some people hate. I for one have never had a bad meal at Gaido's. IMO they still do some of the best soft shell crab around these parts.

            Landry's on the Seawall is part of the Fertitta corp so most hounds think everyone should hate it. That said I have had some very poor meals at various Landry's but never at the one in Galveston at the San Luis. It is their flagship restaurant and maybe one reason it's good is due to the fact that the Fertitta's family comes in frequently.

            There is an out of the way local spot that most locals have frequented for years at 39th and Ave O, Shrimp-s-Stuff. Primarily fried seafood, reasonably priced it has been there since 1976 and locals love it. They have a good poboy.

            Olympia Grill
            4908 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77551

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              On the seawall, I'd have to go for Benno's, with a caveat. My favorite is the cajun crabs, but they are a mess and time consuming, I'm not sure if a landlubber from Atlanta will want to do crabs. I have another favorite, the cajun or blackened oysters, really good but you need to be an oyster fan. Last time I saw the whole catfish and it looked good. I've had fried fish and it was decent. Other than that I'd go for broiled shrimp, and the cajun potatoes are really good, a favorite of the wife. Swamp talked about Landry's, and I'd heard the same from locals, as I worked on and off down there for six years. I tried it once, but it was ten years or so ago and I don't really recall it, must not have been great or I would have gone back. A good place to grab a beer or some wine and people watch is The Spot west of Benno's, especially if it is cooler and you can sit outdoors. All I've had is the burgers and rings and they are good. A place I would definitely go is Murdoch's souveniers, built on piers over the Gulf, and rebuilt since it was smashed to splinters by Ike. They have a breezeway where you can sit and watch the waves break beneath you, plus have wine and beer, but no food. Very, very relaxing, with the opportunity to pick up some tacky nautical decor to take home, which I have a bunch of.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                I agree totally with James, Murdoch's breezeway is great. I am so glad they rebuilt the place after hurricane Ike.

                1. re: swamp

                  I have a picture with my wife on the deck of the old Murdoch's, with the Balinese Room and the Gulf in the background. Such a shame about the Balinese, my mom went there during the fortys, before they outlawed gambling. For anyone not familiar, there's this, plus other websites:


                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    Thanks everyone - I think it will have to be Bennos. My friend lived in Key West growing up and likes seafood. I'm sure she will find something she likes.

                    I reckon my mom may have gone to the Balinese Room as well! :) I know my daughter did just a year before Ike destroyed it.

                    Yes, Murdoch's!! Great suggestion for an out of town guest.

                    1. re: Cookie Baker

                      I'll bet your mom did go there. If toy do get crabs, they do on occasion overcook them. The girl behind the counter that has been there since the late eighties, I can't recall her name right now,) said just send them back.