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Aug 14, 2010 05:45 PM

reading terminal, best bets for protein?

We just moved to philadelphia about two months ago. After three bad experiences at whole foods on 9th (worm in tuna, rancid swordfish and rancid chicken), we were thinking about starting to get meat and fish from reading terminal since we don't live too far away. I was wondering what people recommend as the best places to buy in reading terminal. Or is there anywhere else to buy fish within walking distance of society hill?


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  1. In the RTM you can buy outstanding poultry at Godshalls and excellent meats at Ochs. I have never been particularly impressed by the RTM's fish options. It's a bit of a trek from Society Hill, but Ippolitos (13th and Dickinson) has outstanding fish.

    1. Unlike PBQ, l have used the Korean seafood stand in RTM for many years and have always been happy. There are two Asian stands in the RTM. The one l recommend is next to DiNic's in the eating area. The one further north on same aisle l have had many problems with over the years. PBQ what did not impress you about the option in RTM l mentioned? Ippolitos is great as well.

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        I think the one next to Dinic's is Johnny Yi's (w/the Eat More Fish neon sign). We buy a lot of seafood there and have always been happy.

        We buy poultry and meats at Halteman's (behind Guinta's). Quality and price are good and staff is friendly and helpful. If you want a part and all they have is a whole, they will butcher the whole for you. They also have a sharp cheddar cheese that is one of my favorite cheeses and is $6.99/lb.

        I've found Ochs to be a bit intimidating. You order one thing and they tell you that you really want something else.

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          The all natural hot dogs at Halteman's are to die for! (the ones that come tied in a long string - like in a cartoon)

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          To be fair, I haven't bought fish at the RTM in years. A while back I bought salmon a few times, discovered it wasn't that fresh, and gave up.

        3. I recommend the Fair Food Project in the market if you are interested in grass fed/ pasture raised meat. You have to not mind buying it frozen, though. I have gotten good steaks, lamb, ground beef, bison, etc. there.

          As for fish, I recommend Otolith. They have a store in Fishtown (where else?), but it is only open a few days a week - check online. They also have CSS (community sponsored seafood) shares available, which are great if you eat a lot of fish. All their fish comes frozen, is sustainably fished (or as sustainably as possible) in Alaska. You can check out the website: I have just finished a halibut share - it was outstanding.

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            Second Otolith. I've been getting their stuff at the Elkins Park Farmer's Market. The sable is incredible, and we bought a salmon share. Picked up 5 lbs of king filets today. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks beautiful, and the coho we got a couple weeks ago was excllent. I believe Otolith also sells out of a storefront location somewhere. Check out the website.

          2. P.S. Otolith is also occasionally at the Headhouse Farmers Market, but not every week - only when they are delivering shares, but when they go they do have other fish for sale.

            1. I would recommend Fair Food Farms in the RTM for meats and also Giunta's - but you need to ask if you are interested in how the meat is raised. I get my seafood from the seafood place by the Down Home Diner/Termini's if I am not going to Ippolito's.

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                thank you everyone for the helpful replies. this certainly helps point me in a good direction.