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Aug 14, 2010 05:35 PM

Paris - Nov. 3 - 7 - Looking for good recs

Heading to Paris in early November and looking for some great recommendations. We'll be staying in the 15th and would be interested in recommendations for all meals - love patisseries, good breakfasts, bistros and haute, but with a lean towards less formal attire required. Even interesting street food would be fun.

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  1. Hi
    an interesting street is "rue du commerce" where you 'll find everything you want.
    For honnest bistro food, I would recommend on the same street "le café du commerce" , 51 rue du commerce. Phone is +33 1 45 75 03 27.
    Have a nice stay in Paris

    1. As someone said today, in part, that the reasons most of us aren't answering includes:
      1 - we're at our residences secondaires (the French are #1 in the World Cup of country houses.
      2- we've answered this question a zillion times here and on our blogs.
      3- it's too far ahead and so much will rest on the rentree.

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        I know. Some of the recurrent questions are so recurrent that I feel hypnotized. Maybe time has stood still. Maybe I'm emerging - or not - from a coma.

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          This board needs FAQ . The problem is that people going into the threads obviously don't see older posts and we all tend to think we are the first to think/ask a particular question. Having a standing FAQ at the head of the board would help with this. Then, posts could focus on reports, new info and discussions of novel things, which might give you, Soup and John some relief from groundhog day.

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            Actually, a group including Soup et moi have begun to suggest just such a list but we may be overtaken by Paris By Mouth which I understand is working on a similar series of FAQ's.

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              I think you should do it anyway. What people really value is a diversity of recent views from people who know food and live in the city. One FAQ on PBM is great, another on Chow is even better! I like the fact that you sometimes have differing views. A few evocative words in a debate can be very useful for someone like myself who is unhealthily obsessed with restauant choice wherever he goes.

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                It would be great if the mods could wake up and finally eliminate the "Announcement: New Board Breakdown for Chowhound" message which has been up there since January - I think everyone on this galaxy got the message, hello? - and replace it with an FAQ. Let's hope that day arrives before the North Pole melts.

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              "groundhog day"

              I was just thinking that some of the recurrent questions sound to me just like Sonny Bono's whiny voice blasting "put your little hands in maaaahn".

        2. Bonjour! I completely understand that my previous request was a bit broad and I apologize for that. I think the issue is that it's very overwhelming to look at all the posts, so I was hoping to contain suggestions to my own thread. The request is still a bit broad as I'd have to say my husband and I are really game for anything and are really looking for suggestions that are your favorites. "Can't miss" places you'd go if you only had 4 days in Paris.

          Hopefully some of these requirements will help -

          - We will be staying at the Ares Eiffel and would like some suggestions that are in walking distance from there. I'm adept at using the Metro and public transportation though, so we don't need to be limited to that.
          - We'd like recommendations for all times of the day - great breakfasts, lunches and dinner.
          - We love fine dining and are relatively adventurous; however, we won't be traveling with formal attire, so no recommendations that would require a jacket and tie for my husband or a dress for me please. I know that London and Edinburgh don't require formal attire in fine dining restaurants, but I suspect the same isn't true of Paris. Thoughts on this?
          - Would love recommendations for places with local sourcing/flavors/atmosphere. It doesn't have to be traditional French food, but we'd like a little traditional too.
          - A great recommendation for a patisserie or boulangerie would also be wonderful.
          - We also love coffee and frankly I've been dreaming about that perfect cafe latte for months! A great cafe with fabulous coffee would be wonderful.
          - We've not eaten a lot of Latin food - is there a fabulous "must go" place in the Latin Quarter?
          - Anything quintessentially French/Parisian - someplace or thing we can't get back in the States.

          As I said before, we're staying in the 15th, but we'll obviously be doing some sightseeing as well. Part of our problem is that our time in Paris isn't firmly laid out. It will be a bit of a figure it out as we go sort of thing so I don't know where we'll be any certain day, but we'll certainly go to the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Seine Cruise, so anything in those areas would be lovely too. That said, we'd also like to see a bit of "real Parisian life" not all the touristy things - sounds like Rue du commerce might fit the bill for that sort of thing - open markets, etc.

          Will we be at a huge disadvantage if we don't make reservations everywhere this far in advance or will we be able to make reservations once we're there and have a better idea of when we'll be where?

          Merci beaucoup!