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Aug 14, 2010 05:16 PM

Okonomiyaki in Tokyo

Just wondering if anyone has any favourite okonomiyaki spots? I did a quick search and found some people recommending Kiji. Has anyone checked that place out?
Moreover, if anyone knows of a good Hiroshima-fu place I'd really appreciate it - I'm living in Chiba at the moment, but I used to live in Western Japan where my local okonomiyaki-ya was run by a fantastic woman from Hiroshima - I still miss it! (I must admit that monjayaki doesn't really cut it for me...)
I make it into Tokyo every once in a while for a bit of a food adventure so I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. Had great oko--- in Hiroshima and a good one in Tokyo, sorry no name, but in Chiba go to the restaurant in the eel farms. Best eel ever, really wonderful. One of the best three things in my 3 recent months in Japan.

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      Thanks for the reply - Hiroshima sure is the place for okonomiyaki! That eel restaurant sounds intriguing - I've just tried googling it, but can't find too much - you wouldn't happen to know where it is, or how to get there?

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        Went with Japanese host who has no email. Remember it was very near a huge bathhouse in the country that we went to first. There were two restaurants in the eel farm area, a fussy and a shack. The shack was the one. you could see the smoke off the grills for a good distance.

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          Thanks for the info - will look into it!

    2. My favorite is Bochi Bochi in Hiroo. I think it's Kobe-style if anything, not Hiroshima afaik.

      1. My fave Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is at Daikonman in Shimokitazawa . It's cheap and open all hours of the night! Plus the tacky Greek stuff on the walls reminds me of a NY pizza place. There are other Hiroshima-style places in Shimo as well but I just keep going back to that one.

        For a nicer atmosphere, I enjoyed the Chibo in the Ebisu Garden Place tower. I booked a table by the window for some out-of-town visitors and they were really impressed. It does get really busy there though.