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Aug 14, 2010 03:56 PM

Lunch at Bark Hot Dogs- I finally made it.

My husband and I finally made it over to Bark Hotdogs for lunch today and I thought I would quickly share my impressions. We've noticed the press, but recently watched something about them on the Cooking Channel the other day which made us commit to going this weekend.

I ordered the slaw dog with mustard. My husband ordered the chili cheese dog with a side of cheese fries and a banana milk shake. I LOVED my slaw dog. The slaw was so fresh and light that it didn't over power that delicious weiner. I was really able to taste how flavorful the meat was. I'm going back for this! On the other hand, my husband was a little underwhelmed by his chli cheese dog...It was just too much of a mess (which is to be expected--I realize that) and this mess distracted from the actual hotdog. It certainly wasn't bad, but not the best. The cheese fries were good-not great, but glad we ordered them. They didn't seem cheesey enough for me. Lastly, I had a sip of my husband's banana milk shake and thought it was quite good. I haven't had a milk shake in years, so I'm not an expert but it was a great way to complete the meal.

I'm definitely going back! My overall impressions were good.

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  1. I haven't been to Bark yet, but have heard a lot about it. It does seem quite expensive for a 6/1 hot dog. $4.00 and up. I enjoy quality hot dogs with a minimum of toppings (usually just mutard) because I also like to taste the meat.

    If you like these dogs and want to prepare them at home, go to Wegmans and look for Hartmann's German Wieners.

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    1. re: hotdoglover

      Earlier this summer we made a surprising discovery at bark - there are two different hot dogs to choose from, and the non-default all beef option was, in our estimation, a far superior product.

      The online menu mentions nothing about choice of dogs, and the large menu board in the store only mentions it on a small line at the bottom of the menu (a pretty big oversight, if you ask me).

      overall, i like bark, even though it definitely is pretty pricey, i think they are doing something worth supporting and in the end its not hardly an expensive bite to eat, even if its at the upper end of what id pay for a hot dog.

      1. re: tex.s.toast

        Their all beef dog is also from Hartmann's. It has a unique tangy flavor. I can see how you like it althogh I prefer their beef/pork frank.

    2. I think the burger is a decent option if you are in the neighborhood, and it is closer to being fairly priced. Agree about the shakes.