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Aug 14, 2010 02:25 PM

Radha Yoga and Eatery, Vancouver - Mediocre food/insanely overpriced/insipid attitude.

Radha Yoga and Eatery
728 Main Street, Vancouver British Columbia V6A 2V7

I'm vegan, gf is not. Ate here about July 30th 2010.

Upon arrival, asked the hostess if we are ok parking on the street just to the side of the entrance to the restaurant, due to confusing signage.
She had no idea, but asked the waitress and the bartender. After a 3 way conference which took several minutes, we learned that none of them had any idea.
Even if none of them drive to work, this cannot be the first time this question was asked, and is sloppy and poor customer service to not be able to answer a basic question such as this.

The waitress also had little knowledge of the menu. One of the interesting things about dining out is finding interesting dishes, ingredients, etc.
Yet both before ordering and asking questions about the items on the menu and the specials, and after the food arrived, the waitress (although friendly) seemed as if it was her first day of work whenever asked questions about the food, ingredients, etc.
She knew that she serves 2 brands of bottled water, but only knew the name of one of them.
This lack of basic knowledge of the food being served is disappointing.

The food itself was thoroughly mediocre, fairly bland, and ridiculously overpriced.

That day, Whole Foods/Capers Market was valuing the US Dollar at $1.05 Canadian in return. Starbucks was giving $1.03 Canadian for a US Dollar.

I paid the bill with a US $100 bill, and they made it an even exchange, causing us the loss of $3-5 Canadian if I'd changed the US bill at those other businesses.

Summary: Avoid this place - insipid attitude/mediocre bland food/overpriced.

Main Street Cafe
317 MacKenzie, Revelstoke, BC V0E2S1, CA

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  1. We use Canadian money here. It is a convenience for you that we accept your dollar. I worked in restaurants for many years and we never gave an exchange for the US dollar. It was accepted as an even exchange (par), even when your dollar had a much higher value than now . I'm sure some touristy restaurants downtown might do it for you. When my US friend came to town I told her she could expect exchange at grocery stores, department stores, etc...but not at a lot of restaurants and/or bars and it was her decision if she wanted to go to a bank and buy CDN or take the 5 cent on the dollar loss. She paid everything on her credit card and when she got home she phoned me and said it was a bonus that she got her 5% back that way, when she got her statement.

    Anywhere I go to in the US, I do not or cannot pay with Canadian money and I don't expect to. Just sayin'.

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      Well this settles it-been thinking of a large/varied meal of salads and the like but the menu I saw online failed to inspire and since like most people I don't like to pay for the mediocre, the bland and the insipid Radha won't be seeing any of my money in the near future.

      Quite agree with ck1234 about the currency exchange-those who pay with foreign money should expect little-it's the same all over the world.

      Radha Yoga & Eatery
      728 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A2V7, CA

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        Agreed. Most small business owners would have to have access to a USD currency bank account to be able to exchange the money -- and you know, with bank accounts, there are fees, fees, and fees. Whole Foods and Starbucks -- sure, they can do it. . .but it is a bit of work for most small business owners.

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        1. Folks, discussing currency exchange is a bit too far off topic for Chowhound. We'd ask that people center replies around food.

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            Staff from Radha were @ the Farmer's Market on Main St/Pacific Station today.

            Three of the most disinterested/disaffected people imaginable-in fact just short of openly hostile-flogging laughably overpriced 'organic' preserves.

            Something tells me they won't be regulars.