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Aug 14, 2010 01:36 PM

Need substitute for Frenchie for early Sept lunch

I need to find a place for lunch on Weds., Sept 1. Frenchie would be my first choice but it is closed until Sept 7. Does anyone have an idea for a good replacement lunch? My hotel is in the 2nd but I'd like to go to the Marche Ave. du President Wilson on Weds. morning so I'm not really concerned about the location of the restaurant. I'd like to spend no more than 20euro per person. Any suggestions welcome! I have considered Breizh Cafe (although not really similar to Frenchie at all!) but not sure about that yet - are reservations required for a mid-week lunch?

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  1. Cafe Constant and Cantine de Troquet might be good subs for Frenchie.

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      Cafe Constant looks perfect. Thanks so much. We are also looking for somewhere near the Tuileries for breakfast/hot chocolate - any suggestions? Have been to what I think of as the major tourist places (Laduree and Angelina) so not sure if we should go back or try somewhere new.