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Aug 14, 2010 12:12 PM

Some stalls at Broadway Market, Hackney, London

• Crepe Stall
This is the same stall as the one in Exmouth Market -- crisp and beautifully thin galettes made with the dark sarrasin batter. Solid ham, Emmental and egg filling, but the galette is the star by far.

• Black Lime (Persian)
Addictive layered sweetness -- dense nutty date, soft fluttering orange blossom, finished with the crunch of green pistachio. The cooked dished look interesting, anyone tried?

• Pie Cart
A mini shepherd's pie - somewhat savoury, pleasant by nothing mind-blowing.

The salt beef stall looked good, as did another stall with several varieties of scotch eggs, tarts and pies. Will be back to try them.

Garcia's churros also has a stall, as do Climpson's and Sons, Spinach and Agushi (Ghanian?), Veggie Table.

What's the word on the Portuguese (or Brazilian?) roast pig stall?

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  1. The pig is pretty juicy and meat pull-apart tender. It's a pretty generous serving for about £4 too. Apparently the same guys have the hog stand at Portobello on Saturday's.

    Ca Fe Vn - the vietnamese bahn mi and coffee place does a decent Vietnamese Iced coffee but whilst most rave about their bahn mi, i wasn't overly impressed.

    (Limster - I have been following your comments for months but have never actually commented before. Thanks for all the great tips!)

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    1. re: buzzarfood

      Thanks for chiming in -- will have to try the pig. Hope to hear more -- what else do you like at the market?

      BTW, have you been to Buen Ayre? I ate there a while ago and haven't had time to post; was v happy with the ribeye and sirloin (iirc), and the tongue with egg starter.

      1. re: limster

        i find the other banh mi place better than the one they serve at ca fe vn

        1. re: limster

          I love Buen Ayre - their parrilladas are full-on meat feasts. Think I had the deluxe last time I was there - a couple of different cuts of steak (rib eye and sirloin), morcilla, sausages, topped off with provolone cheese. Great wine list as well

          1. re: limster

            I havent been to Buen Ayre for a while but we generally go for the 'traditional' Parrillada with short ribs, morcilla, sweet breads and flank. Morcilla (black sausage) is really decent from memory.

        2. Highlights for me are:

          * Happy Kitchen: love their sugar free, wheat free, everything free snacks
          * The Indian place: the thali is super and I can't get enough of their dhokra
          * The Dulwich bakery bread stall
          * Everybody who loves mushrooms rave about the mushroom sandwich
          * La Bouche for hanging out and having lunch while people go crazy outside
          * The pierogi at the Polish guy
          * Apples from Chegworth and, finally
          * Tomatoes from the Tomato stall

          I've found over the months that this is a star of a market. Not too much or too little. A great market to live close to.

          By the way, the farmers market on the Sunday has an amazing organic veg stall that is as good as I have been to in London

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          1. re: feelinfoodie

            Is the farmers market every week or just certain ones?

            No one has mentioned the Jewish food stall. I like it.

            1. re: Calam1ty

              I must have missed that the salt beef one? Or a different stall? What do they sell?

            2. re: feelinfoodie

              Is dhokra the same as dhokla? The yellow, spongey snack? If so, I have to check out this stall - it's one of my favourite Indian snack foods, one we used to pick up in Leicester every time my family did their big "Indian" shop when I was little!

            3. • Black Lime
              This time went back for the savoury items. Rice is quite good -- long grains, very lightly fluffy, moderately moist, the rice grains separate and not clumpy. Chicken with saffron and orange peel was ok, a little underpowered spice-wise, not as much saffron as one would have liked, but otherwise the flavours were fine, bolstered by fruity barberries, fresh herbs (dill and basil iirc, wished there was tarragon), little bits of pickles and a salad of what looked like finely chopped carrots and turnip.

              • eatmypies
              A pretty good black pudding scotch egg. Excellent egg in the centre -- the bright yellow yolk just at the point of gelling. I wished for a slightly more intense flavour from the black pudding, but it was more sausage-like, but a reasonable amount of it. Nice with a serious dab of hot mustard.

              • CafeVN
              A solid vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk, exactly as previously described in this thread.

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              1. re: limster

                agree on eatmypies-cafeVN baguettes are great too....BUT couldnt disagree more re 'Black Lime' chicken!!!!I tried it a few weeks ago and have been back twice since-I have to say saffron has a very subtle flavour...which does come through if you are very familiar with it and the orange peel adds intensity! unlike Moroccan and Indian food Persian food is very subtle in flavour but its the under tones that make this cuisine sooo wonderful!

              2. What are the days and hours of the Market? Thanks.

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                1. re: cathodetube

                  the broadway market is on saturdays, from abt 10 til 3 i think?

                  the farmers market is on sundays from 10 til 2.