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Eva Restaurant

Anyone been lately? How was it? I'll probably be going tonight. Blackboard Eats had a deal for a free bottle of wine and desert. I did a search and found a lot of negative posts, but they were all about a year old.


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  1. I like this place a lot and have been many times, but like anywhere there are negatives:

    1. They may not be in your face about the use of local produce and high end meats, but they do use those ingredients which means their prices are higher than those getting grocery store quality ingredients. Take a look at their own line menu.

    2. Its a small place with a small menu. To me a small menu means everything is really fresh, but have had friends complain there are not enough choices. Small place also means that sometimes there is a wait for a table on a Sat night.

    3. Portion size is healthy - not Cheesecake factory sizes.

    1. I think Eva is great--small menu but I have liked almost everything I have tried (particularly the udon noodles with clams, the corn ravioli and, when offered, the fried chicken--Tuesdays the restaurant has unlimited fried chicken and beer for $25). The service is sometimes mixed but the front of the house and the chef-owner (Mark Gold) are very hands-on and will pitch in where needed. Last time I was there, the prior reservations were a little slow to leave so the restaurant treated to a glass of champagne for the slight delay.

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        Just had the Fried Chicken and Beer this week. Love the chicken! Seasoned well, not greasy. The creamed corn side was amazing (and rich). Love the casual vibe and the service. Chicken took a while to come out but they comped us with additional sides. Beer was Boont Amber Ale (not crappy cheap watered down beer),. DOn't think your BBE works for Chicken night but go some other time, its worth it!

      2. Thanks for the responses. We had a fantastic meal at Eva. Everything was good, and a couple of dishes (the corn ravioli and the linguini with clams) were fantastic.

        1. I love their Sunday Dinners. They used to be $35 but I noticed they raised the prices to $39pp INCLUDING wine!!! When I went a couple months ago they even brought us 'seconds' of some of the dishes we loved. And the wine was very good and you could have as much as you want--they offer one red & one white. We loved the food. As others have said it is small so make reservations. The staff and chef were incredibly gracious and accomodating. Great service.

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            The Sunday dinners are terrific. So much food and wine for a very good price. The food is excellent and the service (and the chef) are so hospitable. Love the place.

          2. Eva is by far my favorite restaurant. I eat lunch or dinner there at least once a week. I love that it is small but comfortable, warm and friendly. I am especially picky about seafood and I have always been incredibly impressed that the fish is NEVER overcooked and always seasoned just right. Everything is presented with such artistry (on gorgeous plates, with contemporary plating and beautifully and interesting sides placed just so) and a bit of restraint. I am always happy with the reasonable portion sizes...its for sure not Cheesecake sized, but we always come away full.
            The cocktail menu is also a highlight.
            The menu is market driven and everything is just...perfect.
            For what it's worth, that's my opinion.

            1. I'm so happy to see that Eva is getting some love on this board. The chef is so enthusiastic and so eager to please. FYI, they are on Open Table too.

              1. Incase anyone is interested, here's my review of our dinner at Eva (originally posted on Yelp):

                The conflux of looking for a place to celebrate and a BlackboardEats offer for a free bottle of wine and a free dessert led us here last night. We arrived for our 7:30 reservation and were promptly seated despite the restaurant having our reservation as 8:30.

                Before our waiter could come out, the chef made his way to our table and chatted for a bit. The wine choice was between a Chardonnay and a Malbec. I don't like Chardonnay and I'm not a big fan of Malbec, but upon the recommendation of the chef we went with the 2008 Fortant Malbec from France. It was a good choice. Lighter and fruiter than South American Malbecs I've had.

                The August menu contains six appetizer and six entree options evenly split between seafood and non-seafood selections. We ordered the following:

                Peeky toe crab, grapes, lemon oil, avocado, grapefruit - This was a beautifully plated dish and a large portion for a crab appetizer. Though, for such a large pile of crab meat, it didn't have a very intense crab flavor - but was enjoyable for the various accompaniments.

                Corn ravioli - While researching Eva, I continually read expressions of love for the ravioli appetizers. While deciding what to order I heard a guest at another table exclaim that the corn ravioli is "amazing." Indeed it was. Two large ravioli in a creamy corn sauce garnished with chive flowers and tiny tomatoes. The flavor was very impressive. The description on the menu reads "corn, burrata, corn." You might as well been biting into corn directly on the cob. The wonderfully textured casing and the tangy burrata made for a very pleasant experience.

                Drake duck, carrots, potatoes, smoked plum puree - Only recently have I started to like duck. I didn't get to try much of this, but this dish was another winner. The subtly sweet carrots and the smoky puree nicely accented the well cooked duck breast. The dish paired nicely with our wine.

                Linguini and clams, udon noodles, garlic, bacon, littleneck clams - I was a little hesitant to order this since I'm probably the only person on the planet that doesn't enjoy bacon, but went with it upon hearing other's recommendations. Our waiter informed us that its the only omnipresent dish on Eva's monthly-changing menu. I can understand why and I feel safe in saying it was among the best pasta dishes I've ever had. The sauce wasn't too creamy and the lengthy udon noodles were a nice variation on a classic dish. The clams were meaty and the garlic didn't over power. I would have actually liked if the garlic had made its presence felt a little more. I didn't even mind the bits of bacon.

                When it came time to order dessert, our waiter made an emphatic suggestion of the chocolate cake with salty caramel ice cream and foam. I'm not big on chocolate desserts, but again found this to be a good choice. The cake itself was intensely chocolaty and not too sweet. The caramel kept it from being overwhelmingly dark. The accompanying tuile also added a wonderful crunchy texture.

                Eva surpassed our expectations. Service was accommodating and unhurried. The menu's size is a reflection of the restaurant's intimacy. A sense of genuine caring from the chef and staff pervaded. I would certainly return before too long.

                1. My only complaint would be that they don't update their website. It's still showing the July menu and a Sunday dinner from a few weeks ago.

                  1. They definitely need to update their website.

                    I went last night after reading this thread and was surprised to learn that every tuesday is Fried Chicken and Beer Night. $25 gets you all you can eat fried chicken. $5 for each side which were creamed spinach, creamed corn, green bean and tomato salad, and mac n cheese.

                    The chicken was delicious and HOT, very crispy and served 2-3 pieces at a time. Dark meat only. I don't seek out fried chicken too often so not much to compare it to but we definitely enjoyed it. The sides were also great although unfortunately not all you can eat.. The beer was very tasty and readily replenished- Boont Amber Ale from Anderson Valley.

                    Everything is served on paper plates and the sides are in Chinese food to-go cartons. beer refilled in red solo cups.

                    The funny thing was how many parties showed up and left after learning that it was fried chicken night. We watched a few come in and look around confused at the red solo cups and paper plates. It was entertaining to watch, but a complete headscratcher that these parties were not warned in advance when making a reservation. Although with zero mention of this on their website it's understandable if they were walk-ins.

                    We also learned that every Sunday is a set menu with a wine pairing. Also sounds great and would love to try it, but again I couldn't find it on the website. If you want to try their regular menu, it's only served Wed-Sat.

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                      If you sign up your email address on their website they will email you the Sunday dinner menu each week (most of the time).

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                        Awesome. I've been meaning to get there for the Tuesday dinner (even though I'm not a huge fried chicken fan), but now that I know they serve the beer in red Solo cups, makes it even more inviting!

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                          Sunday dinner is awesome - a ton of food and wine for 39 dollars. When we were there, they gave us extra on a couple of courses, let us take extra donuts (the dessert that night) home and we drank A LOT of wine. It was wonderful. And the chef was a blast.

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                            Here is the menu for the upcoming Sunday dinner: http://www.evarestaurantla.com/menu/s.... Hard to understand why LATrapp couldn't find it on the website, as all he had to do was click "menu" on the top and then "Sunday dinner" on the left. Pretty straightforward.

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                              Your link got corrupted when you put a period at the back end, which got caught up in the URL. Here is a working link: http://www.evarestaurantla.com/menu/s...

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                                There are some differences between the dinner menu on the website and the menu that we were given at the restaurant this last weekend. Most of the prices are a dollar or two off (some higher, some lower) and the accompianments listed, for the post part, don't match at all what was on the menu. There was no foie gras and instead of chicken there was veal. I actually was given a copy of the menu to take home and could post it later if anyone was interested.

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                                Thanks ozhead for insinuating that the straightforward was too much for me. While that may be true, that menu was not there yesterday and unfortunately I do not have a time machine to look ahead to what menus they might be posting in the future.

                                My guess is that hopefully this thread came to the restaurant's attention and someone got their act together. But as a previous poster mentioned, their last posted Sunday menu was from July.

                                Also, as I mentioned in my review, we witnessed several people walk out after learning that it was fried chicken night (we also almost left at first, but stayed and enjoyed ourselves). While I can understand there being no mention of that on the website if it was a one time event, the fact that it occurs weekly would lead one to think it might be relevant to list on the website.

                                If a future link appears on the website announcing Fried Chicken Tuesdays, then please be the first to point it out!

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                                They offered white meat when I was there. Just tell your waiter when you are seated that you want white and he'll try to save you pieces