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Aug 14, 2010 10:03 AM

Eva Restaurant

Anyone been lately? How was it? I'll probably be going tonight. Blackboard Eats had a deal for a free bottle of wine and desert. I did a search and found a lot of negative posts, but they were all about a year old.


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  1. I like this place a lot and have been many times, but like anywhere there are negatives:

    1. They may not be in your face about the use of local produce and high end meats, but they do use those ingredients which means their prices are higher than those getting grocery store quality ingredients. Take a look at their own line menu.

    2. Its a small place with a small menu. To me a small menu means everything is really fresh, but have had friends complain there are not enough choices. Small place also means that sometimes there is a wait for a table on a Sat night.

    3. Portion size is healthy - not Cheesecake factory sizes.

    1. I think Eva is great--small menu but I have liked almost everything I have tried (particularly the udon noodles with clams, the corn ravioli and, when offered, the fried chicken--Tuesdays the restaurant has unlimited fried chicken and beer for $25). The service is sometimes mixed but the front of the house and the chef-owner (Mark Gold) are very hands-on and will pitch in where needed. Last time I was there, the prior reservations were a little slow to leave so the restaurant treated to a glass of champagne for the slight delay.

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        Just had the Fried Chicken and Beer this week. Love the chicken! Seasoned well, not greasy. The creamed corn side was amazing (and rich). Love the casual vibe and the service. Chicken took a while to come out but they comped us with additional sides. Beer was Boont Amber Ale (not crappy cheap watered down beer),. DOn't think your BBE works for Chicken night but go some other time, its worth it!

      2. Thanks for the responses. We had a fantastic meal at Eva. Everything was good, and a couple of dishes (the corn ravioli and the linguini with clams) were fantastic.

        1. I love their Sunday Dinners. They used to be $35 but I noticed they raised the prices to $39pp INCLUDING wine!!! When I went a couple months ago they even brought us 'seconds' of some of the dishes we loved. And the wine was very good and you could have as much as you want--they offer one red & one white. We loved the food. As others have said it is small so make reservations. The staff and chef were incredibly gracious and accomodating. Great service.

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            The Sunday dinners are terrific. So much food and wine for a very good price. The food is excellent and the service (and the chef) are so hospitable. Love the place.

          2. Eva is by far my favorite restaurant. I eat lunch or dinner there at least once a week. I love that it is small but comfortable, warm and friendly. I am especially picky about seafood and I have always been incredibly impressed that the fish is NEVER overcooked and always seasoned just right. Everything is presented with such artistry (on gorgeous plates, with contemporary plating and beautifully and interesting sides placed just so) and a bit of restraint. I am always happy with the reasonable portion sizes...its for sure not Cheesecake sized, but we always come away full.
            The cocktail menu is also a highlight.
            The menu is market driven and everything is just...perfect.
            For what it's worth, that's my opinion.