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One Night in Jacksonville (with car)- Where should we eat??

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We're spending one night in Jax, love all types of food..where is the ONE place we should have dinner that night? THANKS

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  1. See previous post.

    1. Beach Road Chicken Dinners. AYCE sides and amazing chicken, for over 50 years now. A JAX institution!

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        very cool...thanks

      2. Restaurant Orsay for fine dining for dinner only is outstanding.

        Restaurant Orsay @ 3630 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 904 - 381 - 0909.

        1. What part of town are you going to be staying in? Jax is pretty spread out.

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            We're at the airport overnight...but have a car...

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              If you are at the airport, downtown Jax is probably your closest alternative. For great atmosphere and food, I'll agree with Littleman that Restaurant Orsay is probably the top recommendation. It is in the Avondale neighborhood, which is very close to downtown.

              Taverna (in the San Marco neighborhood) is also an excellent option.

              If you are in the mood for Italian, La Cena is excellent and serves a variety of homemade pastas. The atmosphere can be a little lacking at times (if its not busy), but the food is outstanding.